Feeling Quite Bag Shamed at the Moment

  1. Let's start of by saying I have been at my job a year and a half and have had a designer bag every single day lol.

    But today, for the first time, my boss (male) saw me getting ready to leave and goes "Is that a REAL Coach bag?"

    Caught off guard...I said "Yeah...it's cute...and it matches my shirt".

    he goes

    "Yeah, but is it real?"

    Again off guard, I said "Yeah, I get them for my birthday and Christmas. I love bags."

    He is like "Oh, wow".

    And then just walked away.

    It made me feel awkward. I felt like he was some how judging if I could afford it or if I should be buying it. If another woman asked me, I probably would have just figured she was into bags...this bothered me for some reason. I guess it's b/c he knows what I make b/c he pays me, so I feel like he has the ability to judge my finances where as a stranger wouldn't.

    So many other people at work have BMWs and stuff and I don't. People don't walk up to them asking the price of their car.
  2. Does he ask them if their Beemers are real? :p
  3. i'm sure he's seen many FAKES and I would take it as compliment, not to mention he knew it was real.. he's got taste.
  4. LOL funny you say that, there is a fake M3 in my town .... even my kids sass the guy that its not real.
  5. Moments like this is why I actually talked myself out of buying a Speedy. B/c I think it makes a good work bag and I was scard I would be weirded out to bring it.

    I felt like people would make comments.

    We make more in the modest range for what we do b/c we are a small, suburban company. People in the cities might make x 2 what we do for the same job.

    A lot of people always complain about the pay, but they have families to think about. I am young and single, so I can afford to make the same thing and still splurge...it's really not anyone's business, but I feel like people always choose to say things.

    In NJ Coach is like a staple...they are EVERYWHERE...it's not like I had a Birkin or something. I am shocked anyone would be impressed by a Coach where I live. I figured maybe even LV, but not this.
  6. Hi Fendi! I'm in NJ too and yup Coach is everywhere! Sometimes its too much, which is why I like leather bags mostly. Who knows, maybe his wife is educating him on Coach and he was just making an observation. You can never tell with men - they make strange comments for no reason! I would wear your bag proudly and not give it another thought.
  7. There's a couple women, including my direct supervisor, I work with who make comments like this about my bags too. :shrugs: It's almost like they chide me in some way for spending the money on nice bags. I just chalk it up to maybe a little jealously that they can't/don't spend money on nice things like bags. It seems the ones who say stuff to me are the ones that are strapped to the hilt with mortgages etc. So...to each his own! Rock on and get that Speedy! :yahoo:
  8. lol
  9. I wouldn't take it as a bad thing......some people are just amazed by the "real" thing. I think he was just trying to make conversation. Remember, he is a GUY.....lol.....they don't always know what to say. Maybe he has a crush;)
  10. haha... thats how i feel to sometimes Fendi... sometimes its like even if you show ppl at work your new bag (which i like to do cuz i get so excited about bags), they always go, how much was that? or wow you spent that much on a bag! it just makes me frustrated like wtf? its like i can spend as much as i want to on a bag, doesn't make me more of a person or less of a person, its my fashion sense and style which is why i wear and buy the things i buy, i would just shrug it off, you shouldn't let the little things like that bother you... if other ppl ever comment on your bags they probably just like your style or else they are just jealous cuz they can't make the stuff that you wear look good, so they have to have some reason to say something! LOL :smile:
  11. I can understand why that would make you feel a little weird. I would wonder if my boss was thinking about the same thing. I'm sure its really no big deal though! Maybe he was just giving you a hard time knowing that so many women are "bag crazy"??
  12. Wear your COACH and show it off! haha
  13. There are fake CARS??
  14. Let's hope your boss was just "admiring" your purses! :yes: I know my DH would ask about Coach purses cuz he really does like their quality and beauty, I hope it's the same with your boss.
  15. That's what I was thinking...:shrugs: