Feeling of a new bag

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  1. Hi there,

    Apologies, this might sound silly. I just recieved my very first balenciaga bag and some questions came to mind as I was checking out the bag.

    1. Is it normal for different parts to feel differenly? (some parts are smoother, thicker, some are rough (bold) like it's been rubbed alot)

    2. I'm concerned where it's really soft it feels like it might rip, are yours similar? :shame:

    3. Does my new balenciaga look new? i know the leather is meant to be distressed but some people have commented it looks used. :sweatdrop:


    Would really appreciate your comments :winkiss:
  2. It looks new to me but it looks very dry. If I were you, I would do 3-4 coats of Apple conditoner. It will look like an entirely different bag. Leather doesn't like to be dry, just like our skin doesn't. I am a firm believer that conditioning the leather makes it softer and less likey to stain and scratch. :yes: Same with my leather seats in my car.
  3. Hi blutulip! You have a lovely lilac box! :love: Congrats! :yahoo:

    1. Most definitely! My grenat city has thicker, more distressed leather on the front and thinner, smoother leather on the back. Another one has a rougher-looking front, but the back and sides are smooth. I don’t think any of my bags have uniform leather throughout the entire bag.
    2. Yes, a couple of them seem to have super-soft leather, but fortunately, it is on the side panels of the bag where I can’t do too much damage. And though the leather may seem thin, it is surprisingly strong.
    3. Yup, it looks new to me, too. :yes: The handles look immaculate, and it still has that glossy sheen to it.
  4. I think your bag is BEAUTIFUL... after use it'll be soften up!!... at first my ink was like yours, very marbley look... but now after a few weeks it's soooooooo soft and has it's own character!
  5. All my Bbags have differently feeling leather on the front, back and sides.
  6. My Lilac Box has a thicker and less veiny leather. Yours doesn't look used but little bit dry.:yes:

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  7. Thanks everyone~ :heart:

    *phew* feel very relieved :yes: I did a quick search on LMB products and just purchased the b beauty care kit. Can't wait till that arrives...then my baby can be brushed up and have more of a youthful texture.

    Nanaz - Yours is soo pretty, so smooth and shiny and wished mine looked more like yours.
  8. :yes: Yup, I agree with all the gals have said! It looks new to me. Take pp100's advice and condition her and I think you will love what moisturizing your bag will do for it! Congratulations!