Feeling Lonely in Scotland - surely there has to be more of us!

  1. Ok so I know a few Scottish peeps on here (prob only 3) but surely there has to be more!

    I see loads of peeps in the shops I am in buying designer bags so they must be out there!

    Are you? WHere about?
  2. och aye the nu

    och a ma heck

    am i in!!!

    I have thermals :biggrin:
  3. I was wondering the same thing about the Irish gals - sure we're only across the puddle anyway!
  4. Chloe Babe - are you on that wine again!

    I will say your favourite saying! - "there's been a murder!!"


    Yes we are - do you have fellow Irish gals that share your passion as all my friends in Scotland think I am mad!
  5. Well, I used to live in Dublin, and my sister-in-law married a Scottish guy, and lives in Dumfries. Does that count? :biggrin:
  6. KL

    Yes we can adopt you!

    See what I mean though - Scotland is low on bag fiends! Wonder why that is!!!!!

    No Scottish Purse buddy for me then!
  7. I'll be your Purse buddy!:yahoo:
  8. I've no purse buddies here either! Can I join you? It must be something about all the wind and rain that keeps people out of the designer purse shops!
  9. My heart is in Ireland, but I live in California! Welcome!
  10. Of course Jeniren:yahoo:

    where are you from?
  11. Shopaholic: I hear you. My friends in Edinburgh think I am mad as well. We should meet up at HN sometime to look at some bags and have a drink. Coffee, wine, G & T????

    :smile: :smile: :smile:
  12. My grandmother was Scottish, will that do? :yes:
  13. Can I count because I wish I lived in Scotland? LOL--one of my favorite trips ever. I could see myself living there.
  14. from scotland, visit family there often, does that count?
  15. I live in a village outside London - does that count. Love Scotland if that helps. Always wanted to stay in the Witchery their (its a hotel)