Feeling like I have Alzheimer's

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  1. I'm getting really worked up right now because I can't find the CD carry-case that has all my favourite CDs in there, or my favourite DVDs, one of which was probably not in its case. I also found a bunch of empty/switched CD cases. :sad:

    Every time I'm looking for something, it's the same, awful routine*: Thing is not where I last left it because someone (usually my dad) pressured me into "cleaning up" and I don't know where I put stuff away.
    Then I spend days looking for the thing, only to find it either exactly where I had last put it, or somewhere completly random (just found my sunnies on top of the scanner).

    It's getting worse as time goes on, despite me having less and less random stuff (I'm throwing out loads of crap that I don't need) for the stuff I want to be hiding under. I'm starting to feel as if I have Alzheimer's... but I'll remember stupid crap like what exact shade such and such an item was.

    Why can't I ever find what I need :cry: ? Am I going stark raving mad?

    *Losing stuff makes me really upset.
  2. LOL! I don't mean to laugh but I'm going through the same thing! I can remember the most minute details of what someone was wearing 2 yrs ago or someone's SSN but yet can't remember where I put my car keys 2 min's ago!

    You're not alone! I know retracing your steps is hard but sometimes it works. Have you asked your dad if he's seen it?
  3. He gets mad when I do then proceeds to tell me how careless about everything I am. AND he never remembers if/when/where he last saw any item.

    It only makes it worse.
  4. Wow..sounds like he gets very defensive about this!! Where do you usually put ur CD case? I wish I was there. I'm awesome at finding things for some reason. It's a gift!:amuse: I found someone's DL in the dark on the beach one night and someone's diamond stud earring in a backyard!
  5. Wow! Can you come over, lol? Free holiday in Paris sound good? ;)

    Yeah, he is a little, but I guess it's because it happens so much nowadays :sad:
  6. That happens to me too, Perja. So aggravating to forget where you put something that you just had.