Feeling kinda' sorry for my self today.... could use some opinions.


Jan 25, 2006
I know I should just get over it and realize crap happens, but as most of you know I have literally sold every single one of my pride and joy bags from LV to Balenciaga and Chloe just to pay my horindeous medical bills:cry: . My Birthday is in 2 weeks. I feel I deserve to treat myself to a brand new bag, but without the guilt! Any suggestions girls? I can always count on you!:love:
Awww, I'm sorry {{{{hugs}}}}
Is it practicall for you to buy a bag now? I hate to tell you to do it if it's really not the best for you.
Is there any lower priced bags you've been eyeing, or maybe a spa day?
:sad: *big hug*

Getting a bag that will likely make you feel guilty may not be the thing to do. There are probably other ways you could enjoy your b-day - maybe spend time with friends or family?
Congratulations paying off your bills! You did the right thing to sell your luxury items rather than wallow in debt. A lot of people wouldn't have been willing to sacrafice anything. You DO deserve a little something for your birthday! $1,300 will get you a really nice gift. I hope you're now in good health. Love ya, ranskimmie!
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awww:heart: I can understand how horrible is must have been to let go of so many things you enjoy, to pay for somethign that is practical- but pretty much a joyless expense!

You were really smart to do that though, and since your birthday is coming up........

:smile: I say you should treat yourself- but perhaps getting a little less expensive of a bag untill you've had a chance to recover from the medical bills. Like, perhaps an LV that's under $900, or maybe a Botkier?
:heart:333333HUGS:heart:33333 smile girly.
I realize that must have been so hard for you, but your health comes first. About a bag... humm that is a toughie! I am still just happy you got to pay your bills and get better! Now you can begin a whole new collection... collection after health!
When this happens to me. I purchase an accessory. Like a wristlet or coin case. It doesn't even have to cost big $$$. It just needs to make me happy. If even coach is out of range right now, I agree, a pedicure, spa day(expensive though), tanning, or just lunch can sometimes help!

Better days are ahead! In the distance I can faintly see your rainbow!
If you've got $1300 to spare you could buy another b-bag. Just a suggestion ;), but I know you're a b-bag lover like myself, and if I had that burning a hole in my pocket, that's what I'd get.

Also, read your thread in WTS - I hope you're feeling better. ***hugs***