Feeling kind of down: I hate when kids make fun of me :(

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  1. I'm aware that this post is likely to sound completely childish, but I'm upset. Maybe it's because it's late and all - I dunno. I usually try and ignore these things, but now it's really getting to me.

    I haven't lost much of the babyweight yet (I gained over 60 lbs). So far, I've lost maybe around 10 - so not all that much. So today we have a big party going on in my town, and I went with Bart and my mom and the baby at around 9pm to find my aunt and uncle so we could sit with them. Now, I'll preface this by saying that I'm a bigger girl - always have been and always will be.

    So as we were walking through, I noticed this group of teenagers sitting at a table drinking a few beers (perfectly normal here). All of a sudden one of them points to me, all of them turn around and look. A few laugh/snicker and when I walk by, one whistles. It's not the first time that this has happened to me by a group of non-goal-oriented hostile youth groups who do nothing but sit around and drink all day (I'm familiar with this group of kids), but it still hurts my feelings to know that people are making fun of me.

    ...I've tried hard to lose the baby weight. We go on a walk everyday when it's not raining and I've been trying to keep up with my Callanetics, even though I don't have much time at home to do that anymore. :crybaby:

    I feel like such a little girl sitting here and being upset about it. Maybe it's that gaining 60 lbs throughout my pregnancy really changed the way I thought about my body (I was never very confident, but being 60 lbs heavier made me feel like a big fat whale). I dunno, I just feel so sad now. I don't want people to notice me...I don't want them to look at me and think "Wow...:wtf:"

    I just wish I could get the rest of this baby weight off so I can get my body as back to normal as it will possibly get. I know it will never be the same, but I'd at least like to be able to wear my regular non-maternity clothes again and not look like I'm still pregnant :sad:
  2. Oh Melanie, those guys are losers and you know it! You will lose the weight eventually but it will take time and patience. Julia was barely born a month ago! Just keep at it and do not be derailed or discouraged by idiots like those guys. The weight will come off and you know you have a beautiful baby to show for the struggle!
  3. Thank you! It's just so frustrating, ya know?

    I was never teased as a kid - so I don't really even know how to react to it. Do I ignore it, do I cry? I have no clue! I'm a very sensitive person - even the sight of someone else crying will bring me to tears, so when somebody says something about me or laughs at me, then my first instincts are to 1) ignore it - or - 2) cry. :rolleyes:

    Maybe it's also that I'm looking at my friends who were nearly back to their pre-preg weight when their babies were 6 weeks old...Hmph. They need to make a pill (that actually works!!) that would just zap all of the baby weight away!
  4. Oh Honey....sorry that happened to you! What losers! I gained 60 plus pounds with my pregnancy too and it took awhile to come off....but it DID!! You will lose it too. it's more inportant that you do it safely and slowly. You have such a beautiful baby girl.....these loser teenagers have nothing better to do with their time and they hang out in groups because they think they are stronger in numbers....hold your head up high!! HUGS!!!!

  5. Ah, the ignorance of youth. Don't fret -- you have a great life, a gorgeous baby, and much more than they do at their age. Be proud of who you are. Weight doesn't matter. Don't be so hard on yourself. The only way you can lose a ton of weight that quickly is if you kill yourself working out, so pace yourself so you can be as healthy as possible for you and your new bundle of joy!
  6. Thank you all :heart:

    I guess I just needed a good vent & cry moment. I just don't understand why they would have to be so rude!! Didn't their parents teach them how to be nice and how to learn to shut your mouth when you don't have something nice to say? Obviously not.

    Oh well..what can ya do?

    There's no way I'm gonna do that!! I'm thinking of starting up my Sparkpeople account again - not so much to lose the weight, more to keep track of what I'm doing and eating throughout the day. I tried to keep a journal, but that just didn't work for me. It looks better when I can see charts and stuff that the website makes for me :smile:
  7. If you let these JERKS mess with your mental, I will find you and beat you up:p! You just gave birth for God's sake!! You just went through the most magical experience ever. Screw them!! They are losers, losers, losers. You are a great person and don't let strangers diminish your wonderful spirit.:heart:
  8. i *completely* understand your frustrations. feel bad for those kids- you have a beautiful, healthy baby, a loving family, your own health, nice purses- and plenty more. they have nothing better to do other than sit around all day and drink. not much of a future for them, i'm afraid. you, on the other hand, have what many dream of and wish for.
  9. screw 'em - they're just insecure about themselves and the fact that their lives are going nowhere.

    OT: I love your new avatar btw - Julia is so cute:love:
  10. I'm trying not to let it get to me. I don't know if it's because I'm tired (12.45 am here in Germany now) or if it's my hormones getting back to normal, but I just felt so sad after I heard that whistle. First off, whistling is degrading to women and to do it because you're making fun of somebody?! How low can you really get??

    Thank you :smile: Took this afternoon :biggrin:
  11. Julia's only what? A month old? Believe me if you are breastfeeding the weight comes off fast.

    Don't let some silly thing some stupid guys did get you down!
  12. how rude that is terrible I know it's hard but try not to let them get to you they are total jerks and obviously have nothing going on in there life better than sitting getting drunk in a pub so sad

    you prob still have a lot of hormones going a bit crazy so it natural to be upset but hold your head high girl
  13. 6 weeks in 2 or so days. We are breastfeeding, and the weight is coming off bit by bit, but not ast fast as I expected it to. People were telling me that it would melt off like butter in a microwave, but it doesn't seem to!

    Maybe I've just got to exercise a bit of patients and try not to let dumb teenagers get to me!
  14. Just remember that your are a beautiful women inside and out. Also, when kids tease, it usually means they are insecure. I know it is hard to ignore such drunk losers, but just remember you are better then them.
  15. Poor you! If they had done that to me, I would be very upset too. Grr.
    Those kids were ignorant, they're not the kind of people that anyone admires. I'm always surprised at how stupid and rude kids are; when I was in school I guess I was just really used to it. Morons.