Feeling judged.. sorry, long rant.

  1. Hello fellow TPFers. I'm sorry, but I'm feeling disheartened lately by some of the things I've been reading:crybaby: . I've come to realize that some folks believe you should dress or be a certain way when carrying an LV. I understand that LV symbolizes class and style. But what is class and what is style? I'm a mom with a 4 year old and a 4 month old. I've gained quite a few pounds since the birth of my 2 kids. I love my track suits, uggs and crocs. Yes, I said Crocs. They saved my life when I was pregnant with my son.

    Although I'm working hard to lose the weight, I can't justify spending so much on clothes. Especially when I don't plan to fit in to them later. I'd rather use the money to fund my LV's.

    Seems some of us are tired of being judged for our LV habit. Folks complain that others believe their bag is fake. Folks here are tired of others not understanding spending that kind of money. But I keep reading some judge others because they're not wearing the right clothes or are considered ghetto. I'm originaly from the islands. I guess my style is more laid back. But I guess I never paid too much attention to what others though of me until I joined TPF. I mean, what must people really think of me for carrying an LV? Am I not worthy? Should I store my bags away until I'm able to look more presentable?

    What I want to know is, do you judge someone for carrying an LV? When you see a woman who doesn't dress the part, do you think they're not worthy? What fits the criteria of someone who should wear LV?
  2. I don´t spend heaps on clothing either. Don´t worry what people think, as long as you are happy! I try not to judge anyone, on any situation. Usually I only see the bag, if the bag is real, I don´t care about the clothing.
  3. Bah are you happy???? This is the most important thing. I am very cheap / conservative with my clothes also. they only thing i spend my money on is my LV's. Dont worry what others say, just be proud of you and the happiness that your bags bring you.
  4. I guess the whole purpose of my thread was for some folks to realize how classless it is to judge. I really don't care what people think of me or my style. My Island Style! But I wish some folks here could be less prejudice. But I guess you can't fix what some don't consider broken.
  5. I think a great bag can elevate any outfit! I personally would rather spend my money on LV, but I spend enough on clothes too. Mostly denim for me. The best thing about investing in your bag wardrobe is, it doesn't matter what size you are! It'll always fit!;) I live and work in la la land, so my lifestyle is super casual. I'm mostly wearing jeans with my LV's. Nothing fancy. And when I'm running errands, half the time I look like I just rolled out of bed, threw on a hat (so I don't have to do my hair)....but I've still got my LV!:nuts: You should see what the celebs look like with their expensive bags....they look homeless except they've got a $3000 bag on their arm! lol! To be honest, when I see a woman carrying a real LV, no matter what they look like, they've already stepped up a notch in my book! Makes me have more respect for them!
  6. That's what I always tell my DH;). I too appreciate seeing a woman with a real LV. I rather see a badly dressed woman with a real LV than a classy one wearing a fake.
  7. You know- I am laid back too, I'm from Alaska where Carhartt is accepted at expensive restaurants and it's ok to wear uggs and sweats to class everyday (it's cold outside!). I wouldn't worry about people being prejudice.....sometimes it's more a jealousy thing.

    I wear my bags with happiness because they are mine (and yep- I've gotten funny looks when I've carried the bucket or papillon with sweats and uggs) but I don't care.... it's my friggen kick ass bag and that's it.

  8. I wouldn't judge anyone from wearing LV. Actually I wouldn't judge anyone for wearing anything, but that doesen't mean I don't think some people dress up horribly at times. All people no matter how rich or poor in taste or money may have bad days, down periods and problems that lead to "bad" ways of dressing. It certainly hasen't really got anything to do with your purse. O.o

    That being said, I am annoyed it when people don't look slightly put together at all if they could. I like to be in a nice environment and an environment consists of people and what they wear among other things. THis has nothing to do with clothes being "expensive" or not.

    The only thing I might judge people on if they look bad is that they may have bad taste or do not take care of themselves properly. Just like you would think a person who smells bad or has bad breath should shower and clean themselves more properly.
  9. I tend to look at the bag, not the outfit. Whenever I see someone rocking a real LV or any other nice bag I am generally filled with envy if it's something I don't have and admiration for the other's good taste if it's something I do. I tend to dress casually too so I don't care what others are wearing. If anything I tend to laugh at ladies who are too put-together---shoes, clothes, make-up, hair and jewelry all just so---because to me it says "I'm trying too hard". I feel a bit sorry for people who need that much attention.
  10. I feel saddened to read your OP as I also live in a very relaxed climate and my footwear of choice is my havs....I also adore to collect different styles & colours of havs too and I don't care what I wear as long as I can stay cool when it is over 30 degrees:p You look amazing and have fantastic taste ...after seeing your coral trunks cles I now have my SA trying to track one down for me ....I LOVE viewing the items you purchase:heart:
  11. On another note I thought I might add that we now have level 5 water restrictions here and we are encouraged to stay in the shower for FOUR mins max so I might smell not as good as I should as I have cut down in order to conserve water but my LV's will shine;)
  12. I think people shouldnt judge other people full stop. Even if some people are too put together, it doesn't really matter.

    People have their own choices and preferences of what they want to wear or buy.

    Imagine if someone judging me on how much I spent at LV, I reckon there will be a world war 3...
  13. LOL! That's OK shalomjude, that way you can save money on your waterbill and put the money for your next LV! :nuts:

  14. But what I want to know is, what do you consider bad taste? Because I can atleast look away if I don't like what someone's wearing. But if your breath and body stinks, I can't just stop breathing. I'd have to walk away completely. Atleast far enough where I won't smell them.

  15. I reckon you should carry your bag with pride no matter what you look like or how you dress!!! ROCK YOUR LV... ROCK YOUR BAG!!! :supacool: You are who you are, so no reason to hide it!!! :graucho:

    I dress like a lost skate punk and it looks like i stole all my bags!!! :roflmfao:

    Don't worry too much just ROCK your LV!!! :o) Be Proud!!! :wlae: