Feeling irritated tonight- eBay related.

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  1. Browsing eBay tonight and came across an item I sold last week.

    The buyer had after sale requested I send invoice to their second paypal account not linked to eBay, and I refused.

    After seeing the bag listed tonight I can see they most likely wanted it to be billed to their selling account as its not being sold by the same user account as the one I sold it to, but it's clear from the user name they are linked.

    Anyway, I don't care they are selling it and trying to get a few pounds extra but what has narked me us the fact they are using my listing description down to the personal comments made within it!

    Am I being stupid?
  2. i'm not trying to be rude but i don't want to sugar coat my words either. i think you're not being honest with yourself... i believe it does bother you that she's flipping your item for a profit. regarding her taking your description word for word (not saying its right), maybe she's lazy or maybe she admires the way you put your words together. why let it bother you? not worth it. don't take it so personally, you sold it for a reason and you got what you asked for. whatever the new owner decide to do with it is no longer your concern. use the new fund you got and enjoy what it was intended for.
  3. Agree
  4. I can't work out how their request makes any sense to be honest unless I am misunderstanding.

    Account A buys an item for you and relists it under Account B. Is that right?

    Regarding the PP payment, they could just check out with whichever PP account they wanted when they paid. It makes no sense whatsoever to request you to send an invoice as they have control over which PP account to use when paying!

    You might get more advice if you ask for this to be moved to the ebay forum. Hope that helps.
  5. She can't steal your pics or description, you can report the listing. I would also let her know it's not allowed. And just because she listed it for higher doesn't necessarily mean it will sell for that much.

    You should be glad she is reselling it and not trying to request a refund. I bought something and had to post it for sale the next day because it just wasn't for me.
  6. I think firstly you should remember you're probably lucky the buyer is trying to resell herself rather than demand a refund or file a claim for whatever reason :smile: she would have to mark up anything she resells in order to try to break even. Due to fees, etc. What other people do with my items once they purchase them doesn't concern me in the least. I would have never noticed that, since I'm rarely (never) on the hunt for or searching for items that I've recently sold myself. :smile:

    As far as copying your listing, that you can report to eBay if you wish, especially if she's using your photos. However I usually let copying my description slide as it's not a big deal to me, I put thought into my descriptions and measurements etc.. so I can understand wanting to pull that information again for a new re-listing of the same item.

    You were correct to refuse invoicing elsewhere, just in case of a scam.. but I don't even understand the request since once an item is sold, it's up to the buyer to complete the checkout process using the account they choose to link to that ID. Perhaps she had the funds already sitting in another account and thought that would be easier, but a simple reply back about Paypal seller protection being void if you do that, and that you hope she understands.. would suffice there. No harm done.

    If you do wish to report your text stolen, when you 'report item' there is a drop down for 'copyright and trademark' then choose 'images or text copied from your listing' option. But if it's not your photos just your verbiage I'd probably let that go. :smile: Good luck deciding. (I wouldn't bother risking reporting it though if she hasn't left you feedback yet. Just my 2 cents.)
  7. Agree... it's not worth it in the long run...but if the text/photos bothers you just
    report it...

    If she hasn't left feedback do agree.. you don't want undeserved feedback
    because she did this.. IYKWIM
  8. Seller has no right to use your description (or your pictures- but it's not a case here) Report it.
    And what is wrong with some people insisting you are not honest with yourself is beyond me :hrmm:
  9. Agreed. They plagiarized OP's description. She has every right to be irritated. Being lazy isn't an excuse to steal someone else's work. Srsly.
  10. Me either,

    It was a horrible bag that I brought on a whim and put on a no reserve auction. ( I sold 2 in different colours) and this one sold for what i paid fir it myself iff ebay 3 years ago.

    It's not being sold on to avoid a return, account A buys and account B sells, they have several LV items they are selling and they have used the original sellers descriptions.

    Just annoyed me that they have not removed my personal comments regarding my collection, therefore they are misrepresenting themselves.
  11. No I couldn't quite understand it at the time, they asked me to invoice their other paypal as one linked to eBay was playing up!

    I just sai I would only send bag to account linked to ebay, then then paid straight away.

    Perhaps they had funds in other one?
  12. I'd be careful, if you get her auction canceled she might try returning it.
  13. No what bothers me is the comments made in my description about the Vernis being my favourite, and being a TPF member, and item being from my own personal extensive collection.

    The bag itself was one of 2 the same I purchased in diff colours just to have something in that colour, used once and sold for the price I paid 3 years ago.
  14. I have no intention of attempting to get her item cancelled, just think she should of removed certain parts of my listing.
  15. Well this part makes it sound like you ARE annoyed that they are re-selling You're looking up their history and whatnot, be glad she paid and you didn't have any issues.

    Just report the listing and/or let the buyer know copying your text isn't allowed. If no one has told her, she might not know.