Feeling intimidated by Hermes boutiques

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  1. Since I've been on tPF, I've heard so many members mention that they're intimidated to go into the Hermes boutiques and I've been wondering why. What exactly is Hermes doing to intimidate guests to their store? And what could they do to make it a more pleasant experience for people?
  2. I cannot imagine feeling intimidated in any establishment, and certainly not by people in Hermes. I'm sorry that some feel this way...Hermes shopping should be a pleasure:smile:
  3. I guess the feeling of being looked at like "she isn't gonna buy anything - what is she doing here" or not being greeted at all!

    I too, was intimitated at first, but came across a lovely SA in Hermes SF (suggested by our lovely Shopmom) and she is awesome!!! Now that I have a regular SA, I don't feel so intimitated!
  4. I felt completely opposite of intimidated because on my first trip to the H boutique with my bf and 3 puppies, they treated us so kindly, I was amazed. I remember my first experiences at LV, Chanel were NOTHING near the way H associates greeted and served their clients.
    I guess quality pays a price afterall :smile:
  5. I've never felt intimidated. I have felt that sometimes the service isn't up to the level it should be but lately it has been better...especially with my new SA. :yes:
  6. im intimidated to go into a coach store!! lol.. ive always been uncomfortable about going into high-end stores, im not sure! I feel like everyone is grillingg me. lol
  7. I can see why it might be intimidating at first though. At least in my store, it's kind of quiet when you go in and then you get looked somewhat slyly before being approached so, in a way, I could see being intimidated. However, if you walk in looking like you own the joint, then it's a whole different story!!!!
  8. ^ Exactly, it's all about confidence! They are there to help YOU!
    I love going into my store becuase my SA is fab and makes it fun for me. Now it's like visiting an old friend.
  9. Could I please have the name of your awesome SA in SF? I am now ready to join the Hermes club, but hearing about all these hoops that one has to jump through to get a bag is intimidating!
  10. My SA is Linda. She is awesome!!! Happy H Shopping :smile:
  11. Never intimidated but I was v disappointed in the service at my local H store despite buying a couple of items on my first ever visit.

    While thrilled with those things which I've purchased it does somewhat take the gloss off the whole experience when people are not pleased to help.

    I expect better from such a prestigious house.
  12. So sorry to hear that, handy. Maybe you'll luck out one day while traveling or come across a store that you call, if you still are into Hermes?

    It's such an individual thing. I lucked out at my local store. Most of the SAs are very nice, but there are a couple who are snobby, and I stay away from those. It's best to develop a relationship with 1 SA, and mine and I are so friendly that we talk and she spends lots of time with me even when I'm passing by and don't buy anything.
  13. this happened me several times...
    if they look at me on the way:oh,my she cant afford anything here...
    than i just go to an SA and ask for a croc birkin 35 shiny with diamonds!!!:nuts:
    afterwards they are happy to show me whatever i want to see!!!:smile:
  14. What a great idea.. I'll just buy a croc birkin with diamonds!!!! lol :nuts: Then they gotta serve me right??

    I do shop in o/s stores when travelling but I'm gonna have to persist with the local H and find my own "super SA"! It's sure possible I just got a dud :hrmm:
  15. I was a little nervous the first time I went window shopping at the Hermes boutique in Bal Harbor, the store was very quiet and there was this HUGE security guard staring at me as if I might grab a bag and run! The SA's were pleasant, but not very helpful, maybe the sweats that I had on made them feel as if I wasn't going to buy anything, anyways I looked at a couple of Kelly's and left out.I can see how one might be a little intimidated, but I think it's all the hype surrounding the process of one getting a Hermes bag imo!