Feeling HORRIBLE...will she find out?

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  1. My sweet, sweet SA at Chanel found me a Coco Cabas in the Teal, dk blue, whatever it's actually called and I didn't like it, so I returned it at a different Chanel botique. Now she just called today and asked me how I liked the bag and I didn't have the heart to tell her! Will she find out?

    Oh and the reason I returned it somewhere different is because she shipped it to me from S.F. and that weekend dh and I went to Vegas and I ended up returning it there so I could use the money for another bag (at Prada).

    I feel horrible and don't want her to find out! :crybaby:

  2. You shouldnt feel bad you did not like it.
  3. Don't feel bad! It doesn't hurt her!
  4. TOTALLY AGREE!!! :yes::yes::yes:
  5. No worries...I don't see how she could find out...unless you fess up...

    I'm surprised you didn't like the bag though...it's gorgeous!
  6. I like the bag, just not the color! :crybaby: The only reason I feel bad is because she tried really hard to get me that bag! :s
  7. The only reason I was feeling bad is if it took away from her comission. I just was thinking if I had returned it to HER she could've resold it to another one of her customers. :shame:
  8. I know how you feel. Even though we are spending so much money on these bags, I feel so guilty if I need to return one once in a while. I hate returning things. And at Nordstrom, I know they find out because they track every sale but if I have to return something, I go when I know she isn't working because I have a hard time facing her. But I usually fessup next time I see her anyways. I have pair of black cambon gloves that I bought on sale that need to go back...Help!
  9. I have a bag to return to NM and I am soooo :shame: I drove the poor SA crazy looking for bags for me ...
    I was thinking of taking it back to a different NM :shame: :shame:
  10. Chanel SA's can see returns because I remember one SA checked on the 15th day because of their 14 day return policy and she was happy because the items she sold 14 days earlier were not returned. She was also looking at other SA's customer returns and said that there wer ALOT of returns made to the Las Vegas boutiques. I overheard this one time while I was shopping at the SCP boutique. So, she will find out but I don't think you should feel bad because you did not like the bag. 1795.00 is TOO much money to waste because you feel bad taking away the SA's commission. She can make up that commission in a heartbeat.:smile: Don't worry about it!
  11. Well, let me be honest. As a girl who works in retail, it is the worst thing to get returns. We get disappointed because we feel like we have not done our jobs with selling through. You work so hard with a client to please them in every way, and then they end up bringing the item(s) back. Not only did you lose your time, you lost the commission, and most SA's work entirely on straight comission. Me personally, I always ask a customer if she totally loves and HAS TO HAVE the handbag. If she doesn't seem as excited, then I try to convince her to decline getting it to avoid a return. And also, avoiding an SA is not really a good thing, because the SA is going to know if you return it, whether it is with her or someone else or at another store even...we feel bad if our customers do that...If you do return, you should take it to her, and give her the opportunity to make up the sale. She'll appreciate your honesty, and still want to work with you. This isn't an attack, it is merely my perspective as a SA. I do understand that sometimes it is hard to return things. I'm a customer as well, and I return things too, but I try to return it the best way possible, if such a way exists...So basically, my view is that it is best to be honest when returning something. I'm sure we all have reasons for doing so...
  12. Plus... your SA gets to sell things customers return to her boutique so it all evens out in the end.
  13. Yeah, it's like a cycle...although the rule of thumb is that if you get a return, the SA taking the return should recover the sale for you, but that doesn't always happen :yucky: :cry:
  14. Don't worry about it. As someone else said, you shouldn't feel bad about not keeping something you don't like!
  15. I don't think you should worry. I feel guilty sometimes too but I hardly return bags it's mostly exchanges. I hope SA's don't look at an exchange the same way they look at a return.