Feeling Guilty - What Do You Honestly Think (pics too)????

Jan 23, 2008
I'll try to make this as short as I can. I have always carried Coach handbags and I have several (like 16+)! I have fallen out of love with Coach and decided I needed a better variety of bags - not all the same designer. I have always loved Marc Jacobs handbags, but I wasn't willing to spend that much on just one bag. I keep seeing the small MP in the reruns of the Gilmore Girls and had to have one, so the search started and I was able to snag one on *bay back in January. I reallylike it, but only use it occassionally as it's too small for my everyday needs.
Now, all the designer sales have started and I've been searching for my next MJ bag. Blake was at the top of my list along with a ZC. I had no luck finding a Grey Blake. Then I saw pictures of the Bruna and fell in love and decided that would be the next bag for me. I got lucky and my Nordstrom SA found one in Ivory (my 1st color choice), so it's on its way. With the help from wonderful tPFers (roomommy), I also got a quilted ZC in Plum, so the bag and wallet are now on their way to me. I'm so very excited and can't wait for them to arrive (I'll post picture when they do).
But, I still wanted a blake and found one on *bay (after you wonderful ladies authenticated it) so I put it on my watch list.
So, today I was on my way to Nordstrom to check out the sale and decided to stop at Neiman Marcus first (their designer sale started yesterday) firguring they wouldn't have anything or it would all be way to expensive, but it's fun to look. Low and behold, what was the first thing I saw???? A Venetia in Fushcia! It was marked down to $666 and I took it home.
When I returned home, I check *bay and I won the Black Blake (with gold hardware too!)! So now I am feeling so very, very guilty about the amount of money I have spent on MJ bags today. All were on sale, but still. I'm the type of person who buys bags that can be carried year around and for years to come. I also purchased my first LV back in April (a Monty PM) and that's the most I have ever spent on one bag in my life. I'm trying to sell bags I no longer use and have sold a few. I decided that I didn't need so many bags. I would rather have a few bags that were used often rather than have several bags that weren't used much at all. After all, I can only carry one bag at a time (darn! lol).

So finally, here's the question, Should I keep the Fushcia Venetia? I am concerned that it may not match/compliment enough of my outfits. I don't want to have to change out my bags daily. One bag will always be favored over the others and get more use. I would hate to see that the money was spent and the Venetia was only used once in a while. Can this color be carried in the winter when it's snowing or is the color more 'seasonal'? Should I just stick with the Black Blake and Ivory Bruna (2 new MJ and 1 LV bags in 2 months should be enough right?), which I know will go with my clothing wardrobe, and return the venetia? I wear a lot of solid black pants/skirts with print tops in the summer to work. Outside of work, I wear all types of summer colors - not many are neutral colors.
I want to make the right decision. I don't want to regret keeping or returning the Venetia. I've enclosed pictures of the Venetia in case you haven't seen the bag in this color. Everyone's honest opinions are appreciated I won't be offended). I knew I could post this long story here because you guys would understand.


Jan 18, 2008
Honestly I love the bag on you and the color is beautiful, but it is one of those colors that wont work with many things (in my opinion). Keep in mind that I am a 'matchy' sort of person though, many people would wear fuschia with anything.


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Jun 19, 2006
WOW! - I've never even seen this! -- Looks great in modeling!
I think what bags you keep depends on the style you're most comfortable with. I've learned that I can't do satchels (ie. need some way to get on the shoulder) but that is absolutely a fab bag at an INCREDIBLE price!

The way I look at it is: For most of my adult life (nearly 30 years) I've carried my dependable Coach bags, (the older USA-made bags) buying maybe one every three-four years - and I need to make up for lost time!!!!!
Mar 18, 2007
i like this bag. its def. funky. to me, i think you'd only be able to pull it off if you were wearing neutrals (ex- an all black outfit!) it sounds like your doubting your purchase though, and to be safe, you could always return the venetia and use the blake you won.


Mar 15, 2007
I love that bag! I have the Blake in the same color on pre-sale at my NM, but they told me the Venetia wasn't on sale? I am going to call them to see what is up. If I were you I would keep that Venetia, it is gorgeous!!!!


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Jun 2, 2006
you need to keep it..its gorgeus on you! that colour is lovely! though if you feel like you wont get much use like the other 2 then definately return it..you will end up regretting it.


Nov 13, 2006
I'm not a matchy matchy person, but at the same time I don't wear really bright funky colours. I think your venetia is a keeper. It has a formal shape and will go with many outfits. Whether you keep it depends on if you feel comfortable using it. Also, do you like handheld bags or shoulder bags? I love the venetia but I'm not sure if I'll ever buy one since I like my bag on my shoulder.

Also, since you feel guilty about all the money you've spent sell more Coach bags and may be even the small MP since it's too small for you.

I also wondered if you need the money to pay off bills then don't keep the bag since the money can be better spent elsewhere. However, if you don't need the money; and you feel happy with a handheld; plus you're happy with the colour then keep her.

BTW the bag is fab and suits you.


Feb 5, 2007
i really love the color of your venetia! it's TDF....I really want to get a venetia within the next 6 mos...this is a great incentive to get one...thanks!

keep in mind the venetia is in such a classic style...even if it doesn't match...your outfit can be a standout hit...i'm not a matching kinda girl either...i think if it matches too much...it's out of style.....


Jan 20, 2007
I'm not a fan of pink but this fuschia color is definitely a beauty. However that said, I feel that if you wear more colors for clothing then maybe sticking to neutrals for bags would be the better way to go. I agree with some others who think you should try it for a week or two and see how much you use it. Otherwise it'll have to go back. :flowers:
Nov 30, 2007
The color is gorgeous. I'm not a matchy matchy person so I could see you wearing that bag with everything from nudes, black, jeans, etc. Fuschia as your pop of color can go with a lot more colors than you'd think. I think you should wait until you get your other bags and THEN make your decision. :tup:


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Sep 13, 2006
that is one BEAUTIFUL bag!!

So I have this straight -- you own:
1. Fushcia Venetia
2. Black Blake
3. Small Multi-Pocket (color??)
4. Ivory Bruna
plus a ZC and a LV -- right?

Honestly, I think that's a GREAT collection of bags to rotate -- I'm not the type of person who matches their bag to what they're wearing. I decide which bag I want to carry and use it for a few weeks until I feel like carrying another style/color and then I switch it up.

That Fushcia Venetia is gorgeous enough to stand on its own and will look great with EVERYTHING -- it's like I told someone else about their bag -- when you're carrying that bag, it's like your Bag is the "Main Attraction" and what you're wearing is the accessory!!! But if you must match your outfit, that bag will look great with just about anything -- blacks, greys, browns, blues, reds.

With the collection that you have (or soon will have), I'd say keep them all -- you have a nice range of colors and styles to choose from for the entire year/every season, BUT, if you must return or get rid of one, my choice would be the multi-pocket. You didn't mention what color it was, but you did seem to insinuate that it's too small. I agreee -- the multi-pocket is too small for me to use as an everyday bag (the Large Multi-Pocket -- now that's another story!!). My second choice -- believe or not -- would be the Black Blake. I'm not a big fan of the Blake and I prefer the Venetia over the Blake anyhow -- I understand it's black, so you might consider it "basic" - but the Ivory Bruna you're waiting for is also a great "neutral" that can be worn year round with everything (it's really more of a light beige color, not a true Ivory -- it has brownish undertones).

But again -- I think you should stick with all of them. It's a nice selection of colors and styles and you'll be set for the entire year with those bags!


May 14, 2008
I personally am not a fan of bright red/pink shades or the Venetia either, actually. I love the shape but every time I see the buckle I think it would drive me crazy, having to open it each time I want to get something inside.

Having said that, though, I think you should stick with what you really love. If you really love them all, maybe you can sell off some of your coach bags, as mh21 suggested. I think Coach bags are very popular on *bay--I had one Coach bag and it sold really fast.

If you don't super love the Venetia maybe you could wait until it goes more on sale or pops up on *bay.

Also I found that there are so many MJ bags to love, that even when there's the "one that got away", soon enough another comes up on sale or on *bay to take its place!

BTW I'm glad my SA could help you out with the lilac ZC! She was tickled that she had been "blogged about"!