Feeling guilty that my used bag has high bids..

  1. OK...am I mad? Do I worry too much?

    I listed an Isabella Fiore bag 2 days ago. It still has 2 days left. I listed it with a really low starting bid as I have used it about 3 times. Also it has a mark on the side, which was there when I bought it.
    I listed all this in the auction information and included pics. The bag is 100& authentic. I have listed the exact condition of the bag, which reflected in the low starting bid.

    But now for some reason I feel so guilty as it has received more bids than I expected, and I have watchers. I never thought this would happen and I was prepared for a low sale price, as Isabella Fiore isnt well known in the UK, and the last IF bag I tried to sell only got 9 views and no bids.

    I feel guilty as this is the first bag I have sold that I have actually used more than once and I dont know why people want to spend money on a bag with a mark.

    Am I worrying over nothing? As long as I have honestly declared the condition of the bag....does it matter that the current bid is higher than I myself would actually pay for this bag as it is now?

  2. as long as you have been honest and up front about the flaws, then- be happy! no need to feel guilty.
  3. I agree. As long as you're completely honest in the listing, the buyers should have seen your description and placed a bid according to that description.

    eBay is quite weird sometimes. You would think that it's worth really little money but in the end it can sell for alot!
  4. I have listed many items myself and I am often shocked at their final selling price. But that's the beauty of eBay, you just never know who is really going to want your item. Congrats and don't worry about it!
  5. i seem to remember a tv advertisement - not sure if it was eBay or carsdirect - where someone was selling his lime green car... the next scene showed a guy with lime green everything buying the lime green car...

    bottom line, don't feel bad... you may not think it's worth the high bids but there are people out there that have probably been dreaming about owning that bag... like what everyone said here, as long as you put a detailed description of the flaws, you have nothing to worry about :smile:

    good luck! :biggrin:
  6. lol, don't feel bad, I've had items I thought were great sell for pennies, and items I think aren't so great sell for lots more. The joys of ebaying, enjoy it :smile:
  7. I have paid more than a bag or item is worth many times. It doesnt matter if I want it bad enough. Or you may have a little bidding war going on.

    As far as the watchers, they basically mean nothing. I watch auctions all the time. Not because I want the item, but because I am curious on how high it will sell for. I dont pay any attention to the watchers on my auctions. I had an auction end on a bag 2 months ago and there were 103 watchers when it ended, and it had 1 bid. Go figure.
  8. Don't worry. As long as you described it honestly and posted pics, they know what they're bidding on. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the reassurance everyone. I have just unpacked it and checked it out again.
    Its a lovely bag...now Im asking myself why am I letting it go.
    But it has to be done...Im downsizing and Im only allowing myself four bags in total.
  10. You don't need to feel guilty. You can actually sell the bag already with the highest bidder if you like. But you need to make sure the bidder is genuine. There is a lot of ebayers just mocking around. Good luck!
  11. No reason to feel guilty! I actually prefer buying bags from eBay that are slightly marked and have small signs of wear, because it means I can afford bags that otherwise would have been too expensive for me since a lot of people don't want marked bags. Since it's just normal wear and tear I figure the bag's going to look like that after a while anyway, why not now?

    Seriously, don't worry!
  12. It's great that it's selling for more than you thought.
    You never know the value that ANOTHER person would put on an item you don't want.
    I sell jeans on EBAY and I've had pairs go for 5 times what I paid. More power to you if you can turn a decent profit :smile: Good luck!
  13. Dont feel guilty. As long as your were honest in your description, then people bidding means they dont care, they just want it!!

    Good Luck!
  14. Yep, no need to feel guilty! You are being honest in your description. It is up to the buyer how much they want to bid.
  15. I know how you feel - sometimes I want to email the highest bidder to say are you sure - do you really want this?! I think it's a wash because some things will go more than you expect and others will go for less. You can never predict Ebay! Don't feel guilty especially if you disclosed everything.