Feeling guilty..need some advice!

  1. Hi everyone! I really need help and have some questions concerning the GST... I am starting to go crazy over here! LOL

    well i've been eyeing the black caviar GST with gold hardware for quite some time as my second chanel bag.. I find that the pst is nice buttt a little too small for everyday use (I have the beige pst). my bf thinks I'm crazy for buying any bag over $1k and flipped out when he found out that the GST is close to $2k! he says it's a waste of money and that a BAG is totally not worth it. I really love the GST and can't stop thinking about it.. however I do feel pretty guilty about it.. it's only worse that my bf HIGHLY disapproves. :lecture:what should I do? do you gals think it is worth the money? I want a classic chanel bag that I can use for a long time. thanks for your replies! :biggrin:
  2. you know, I use to feel guilty all the time. But if I dont get it now, it will be difficult to fill that void! So by all means, go for it! My bf and all my family members think Im totally insane for spending such money on a bag. blah blah blah... they can say whatever they want to say.... at the end, its your happiness. I know longer feel guilty. But keep this in mind, shop responsibly. Dont allow the decision get you into debt.
  3. i feel that if you earn your own money and that you are a responsible person, buying a bag you love (as long as you can afford it) should not make feel guilty. i used to be a SAHM and even then my dh could never make me feel guilty about my bag purchases. i worked hard then and i work hard now (went back to work a couple of months ago) and i feel i deserve it. so go for it!
  4. Thank you for your responses! I really would love to get this bag, however I feel guilty also because I don't work - I'm a full-time student. I spend most of my money on clothes, shoes, bags, etc. since I don't have any bills to pay. I thought it would be a good investment since I know I would love it and would use it for a long long time. Plus, my birthday is coming up.. just another excuse to get that bag :graucho:
  5. I agree w/ the others...Shop w/ responsibility...as long as u use ur own money w/out depend on debt, then go for it!!!it's ur money, so ure the one who make the decision..isnt it?;)

    My bf doesnt like me shop too much either..but when he looks how happy I am after shopping and purchasing, he would stop complaining, and even gives compliments.haha...
    the funniest is when I want to trade or sell my bag jockingly, he said, dont!i would rather u buy that balenciaga bag without selling this.lets work it out.LOL!
    now he's the one who want to keep it..He also says, dont sell ur bags if it's not for very important thing..

    I hope i would get the balenciaga as a present then.hehehehe

    edit: im a full time student too btw:smile:
  6. my dad is always complaining about my shopping habbits but i ignore him because i bought everything with my own cash and all of my bills are paid.

    my boyfriend doesnt care because he knows the same.
  7. lol my boyfriend said the same thing when i gave one of my bags to one of my friends as a present, he was like omg why did you give away a LV i loved that bag. i was like shrug i wanted her to have one too.
  8. ^ lol! it's great that your bf is supportive of you.. I feel like I'm in a sticky situation because although I can afford it and shopping makes me EXTREMELY happy (trust me..haha) my bf still thinks it's a waste of money and strongly discourages me, and it makes me feel too guilty to make the purchase. :crybaby:
  9. it's your money..spend it on what you like!
  10. If you can afford it and it is your $$ got for it!!
  11. yep, mine too, i just read him pinkpudding's post and we got into another fight. he just doesn't think it's necessary for me to be dropping so much money on handbags. he thinks i'm completly crazy.
  12. Thanks for all the support everyone!! :heart:

    P.S. - is it true the price of the GST is going to increase by april 1st?
  13. OMG im so sorry to be the cause of ur fight!!!!OMG...
    hope u two would make up soon...i feel terriblely sorry....:sad::sweatdrop:
  14. ^oops it sounds like im 'the other woman' LOL!

    i mean, im sorry if my post cause the fight...>.<'
  15. takeoutbox, I know exactly how you feel!! I know that my bf disapproves bc he cares.. but he just doesn't understand how happy BAGS make me!! haha.. it's like him and his car :p