Feeling guilty for purchasing Chanel???


Aug 22, 2006
:sad:Okay, so here goes....

Well, I have been saving my money to purchase a Chanel PST...but I'm feeling a bit guilty for buying such a pricey item. I am just a college student, and I am getting married next month, and I feel that maybe my money should go else where?? I dunno, I have never really owned anything that nice before, and I feel sort of cheesy saying this, but I would almost be afraid to wear it. :crybaby:

I know my parents would FLIP if they found out I was going to buy a Chanel bag, when I clearly do not have disposable income like that. And I know for a fact that my in-laws would automatically lable me as a gold-digger, or something (even though it would be my money).

So I'm torn...I would love to have this bag, but I'm not sure I should splurge on something that I can't drive, if you know what I mean.

I would feel so strange owning something like that. I don't know, what do you ladies (and gents) think?


Always on the hunt
Jan 18, 2007
I guess a good rule of thumb is that if you have any doubts or are feeling guilty in any way, then DON'T. Really, you will only feel worse when you get it. I say, check ebay for pre-loved bags or consignment stores (online or in your city) and run them by the experts on the authenticate this board before you purchase. Until then, just save your pennies, as your budget truly allows. If it's meant to be, it will be. Don't stress over it.


Oct 28, 2006
I had very similar feelings before I bought my first Chanel - and I was shaking when I bought my very first high-end bag (an LV). The scary thing is - the feeling kinda goes away fast... so ask yourself if you're ready to give in to yourself... because this is likely only the beginning. This has become a crazy little addiction for me, personally.

Anyway - I started a thread because I needed some encouragement (I could only get it here!) And of course this forum is full of enablers, so I got what I needed. The thing that convinced me to go ahead and do it was that, firstly, the price of the classic Chanels isn't going down - it's only going to go up - so get it while it is at the price it's at now. And secondly - that 'someday' you're waiting for will never come, so why not do it now.

However - I totally hear you on the parental opinions. I bought a new Gucci a couple days ago (see: addicted) and my MIL noticed it immediately and asked "Oh, did you get a new purse?" AND I LIED!!!! She wouldn't know a high-end bag if it bit her on the ass - so I told her that I had had it for a long time. Okay, I'm a bad person. Shoot me.

Listen - if you're about to get married, the only person you need to talk to about this is your man. If he's okay with it (even though it's your money - you're about to become ONE) and you can afford it - I say go for it.

I love my bags, they give me endless frivolous joy.

GO FOR IT! And post pix when you do!!!!!


Nov 19, 2006
I'm like that too. Or I should say used to be that way. Sometimes I would end up returning things. Now, I buy what I want (as long as I can pay for it). I found out things always work out as far as money goes. Plus, you might as well get it now before you get married. Maybe later there will be other things going on and then you'll never get your chanel. Also, if you are really strapped for cash you can always sell it at a last resort. At least its an item that is worth something.


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Nov 28, 2006
First off welcome and congrats on your upcoming union!:tup:

Secondly, you've obviously had a goal to purchase a Chanel bag since you've been saving for awhile. My rule of thumb is this: continue to put aside some $ here and there and if you still have the urge to buy when you've reached your financial goal (even a month afterwards), then get it. I would buy from a fine dept store since the return policy can be more lax there. Buyer's remorse is always a bad feeling but go with your gut. You might not find a lot of resistance here though..;) Everyone looves to look at new Chanel purchase pics! lol


Dec 9, 2006
I don't think you should feel guilty at all. If you want that bag, go for it. Especially you are still single now and can do whatever you want to do. After marriage, you will have a lot more responsibilities and you may never feel justify for buying Chanel. Also, don't let your parents or in-laws dictate what you should do or should not do or they will control you for the rest of your life. If I was you, I''ll buy that dream bag despite what people think of me.


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Sep 21, 2006
I can't believe I'm even writing this since I'm just as guilty as everyone else in this forum for enabling other Chanel addicts. But here are my two cents...you are still in college (so I assume student loans or some kind of financial obligation) and have a big milestone (wedding) coming up. If I were you I'd just set some money aside and really research the bag that would warrant my hard-earned money and wait till some of the other expenses are out of the way...if you are not working now, I might even wait till I get my first job and then reward myself with something really really nice/expensive. That way, the guilt is mitigated and you can rock it to work! I remember paying for my first expensive designer bag with my own money and feeling not a twinge of guilt. In fact, it was an awesome reward for my hard work and I enjoyed every second of it!

BTW kudos to you for mulling the decision over--shows how responsible you already are at such a young age.


May 1, 2007
Only you know what is truly right for you and your situation -

but don't you deserve a wedding present to yourself as you take this new step in your life.:smile:

Good luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding!!


Sep 4, 2006
Congrats on the upcoming wedding!!! :smile: If you're not 100% comfortable with getting a chanel at this point of time in your life, then i'd say hold out till you are. If you'd feel strange or guilty about getting it now, save up a bit more and decide again sometime down the road about whether you should get it then... there's no point "rushing" into getting one when it may not be the best time to do so, and it can only "spoil" the experience of owning your PST!
Whatever it is you decide, know that we tPFers are behind u all the way (wanting to own a chanel bag doesn't make u a "gold-digger" in any way!)


Jan 29, 2006
Don't get a Chanel if you're not 100% comfortable with the purchase. You will just end up feeling guilty and not being able to enjoy it. You've got a lot going on: an upcoming wedding, college tuition... is this really a wise decision? Could this money be put to better use? If this forum is influencing you into thinking that owning a Chanel (or a dozen Chanels) is the norm, rest assured that it's not. Often it's easy to get caught up in the storm of goods that come through here. Don't feel like you HAVE to have a Chanel. There will ALWAYS be a petite shopper... when you have the money and the heart, you will get one! Now may not be the right moment.


Jan 8, 2007
I say, if you save up the money and you want than get one. Part of the guild will go away when you think that it's your money, you worked hard for it, and you saved up for it. That's always a good feeling for me....the feeling of buying a bag from 100% hard work, with your own money, buying a bag you really worked hard for. (Of course, it's always nice receiving handbags as gifts, but I love working really hard for my Chanel's with 100% all of my own money it's just a really good feeling.)


Sep 14, 2006
I sooo sympathize with you! If you are not really 100% sure, I would think about a bit more. However, keep in mind that you have (maybe) college loans and a wedding to pay for (unless parents/fiance is picking up the bill). On the flip side, you might not be able to purchase a Chanel later when you're looking at buying a home/car/etc.