Feeling guilty but its time to go...


Aug 31, 2006
My very first purchase was a Viva Cite GM. I loved it at the time. I was so freaked out when I got a teeny stain on the strap that I immediately rushed to buy a new one that I still haven't taken out of the plastic. The bag is a little too small for me and now feel guilty saying goodbye and selling it.
Anybody else have this problem?
Are you selling the new one? Are you feeling guilty about rushing to buy, then realizing you're ok with the original? I'm a little dense sometimes. I had a bag that I never used, wasn't very old, decided to sell it, and I did feel guilty. But getting something for it is better than sitting in the closet. Hopefully I'll make smarter choices in the future, and not buy bags on a whim. (not saying that's what you did)

If the bag doesn't work for you, selling is the smart thing to do.