Feeling guilty....but happy

  1. I just gave in and purchase a Kooba Elisha....totally shouldn't have since I just got another bag last week and I am feeling totally guilty :sad:

    The good part about is that I was able to use the 30% off for first time customers from revolve clothing and I only paid $375 for the bag!!! :yahoo:
  2. since it is time for true confessions...I just bought a Botkier Sasha satchel in pudding and got 25% off at Active Endeavors...sigh...I'm justifying it because I just put 5 of my bags for sale on eBay...I need help....:sos:
  3. At least you are in good company. I am feeling guilty about buying a Chloe wallet today after buying a LV briefcase on Monday. A girl has to have a nice wallet, right?? And I got it for a REALLY good price! :angel:
  4. As long as I am not the only one being bad... :graucho:
  5. Enjoy it!!! Heck, I've been thinking of a black Balenciaga bag all day!!!!!!! :crybaby:

    I do need a new wallet- Cindi, where did you get yours?
  6. LOL

    I think they need to start a subforum for bag rehab.... I HAVE to put my self on a ban right now.:ban:
  7. shh-h-h...I have promised myself not to go into the Balenciaga threads...I bought my first one this year...I know I could be tempted by one in truffle...:whistle:
  8. Well, I ordered a Tano Love Boat which I totally had NOT planned on buying but caved under peer pressure from bad influences around here! LOL!

    Now I'm already over my bag budget for '07 and the year isn't half gone. I'm going to have to increase my budget, I guess. :graucho:

    There are just too many great bags out there. What's a girl to do?

    Enjoy your lovely new Elisha!
  9. Lisa- I bought my first Day about a month ago- I think it's a truffle- not really sure. The black looks so nice. I'm trying to find a good price but none are on sale.
  10. You can never go wrong with a black bag. The one I bought is in the color, cornflower; so pretty. :smile:
  11. Lisa, I know, I know!! Have you posted on the Day thread?

    I just bought a black Jillian, which is why I am hesitant over buying a black Day- plus the price :wtf:

    However, I did sell a few other bags, I returned my Marc by MJ black bag, and I am doing well at work.....

    I dunno, I have gone too bag crazy. Maybe I will just wait until the fall. Oh, I also have a Kooba Sienna coming my way soon.

    Yeah, I should focus on a wallet. :sad:
  12. first of all um HUSH i am on a waiting list for my love boat because of you... LOL i started the Tano thread and had to get a SWIFT move on to get my buns on the wait list because ALL OF THEM WERE BEING PRE ORDERED!!!

    anyway, my confessions are that i got a $212.79 paycheck, and 212.95 plus 2 stamps went to paying for my new Kooba Bonnie. HURRY UP BONNIE! COME HOME.

    oh did i mention rent is due sunday and won't get to the landlords till next friday!? LOL. :shame: whatev. i know i'm not the only one spendin money you almost dont have hehe. i CANT WAIT till may when i get that LOVE BOAT and CONGRATS on ur new purchase LOL.

    *enables* woops.
    blonde bonnie kooba!.jpg
  13. I also just got an Elisha for 30% (saved $159!!!) at Revolve. I don't own any Koobas but saw the Elisha in the latest NM catalog and thought it was just the cutest!
  14. Thanks Cindi!! Yesterday I ordered a very inexpensive wallet from ebags and I also received a brand new LV wallet through a swap....so I think I am good for now.

    That wallet it gorgeous though!!!