Feeling guilty after eating (too much)

  1. I often feel very guilty if I eat too much, especially sweets. So I usually try to avoid any kind of sweets, but I often cave in and have a binge on carbs or cookies and ice cream. It's so terrible, because afterwards I am a) satisfied but b) feeling very very guilty. I hope I am not the only one here.
  2. totally abstaining from sweets and carbs is bad because of just what you described - you eventually crack and hate yourself for it. to avoid it, i allow myself one small sweet per day. one cookie, half a candy bar, a granola bar with chocolate, something like that. that way, i know i have something to look forward to so i don't binge and it's far healthier than the hundreds, if not thousands, of calories that you'll consume on a binge.
  3. That actually happened to me today.I was totally normally this morning, I started my day off healthy with a bowl of Special k with red berries and 1/2 cup of skim milk and I had a cup of coffee.Then come lunch time I had a strong urge to have something sweet and I remembered I had ice cream and some pecan pie in the fridge.But then I resisted for about 2 hours and instead had some salad with raspberry vingerette.But then I was hungry again after only 45 minutes and I caved.I took a large slice of pecan pie and put some vanilla ice cream on top and ate it all.I felt so sick afterwards that I just went for a walk to burn some of it off.:hysteric:
  4. to comfort you I can tell you that since you obtained such a small amount of calories for breakfast and lunch, that pecan pie and icecream only compensaited for the lack of calories you had. and that was why you craved it. next time, grab a multigrain sandwich with that special k and salad, and you won't crave the pie, I promise. Just by lying in your bed all day the body needs at least 1800 kcalories (more if you have a lot of musclemass) so you will not gain in weight from that pie, I promise :smile:
  5. yes i do feel guilty all the time. and the thing is i don't take anything with sugar and somehow my weight is never goes down. i am starting to wonder what is the problem. there are times when i say forget it, it makes no difference so i will just eat alot again.
  6. Everyday I get two glazed sticks from Dunkin Donuts and everyday after I eat them I feel bad and promise myself that today is the last day. Yet I find myself in that drivethru every morning. Go figure!
  7. You can do a few things to curb the guilt and satisfy your body.

    1) Count your calories for the day and then work out until you burn off all the goodies you ate (typically a half hour of cardio [speed walking, treadmil, eliptical, or jumping jacks] will burn off the sweets)

    2) Allow your self one day a week to just let go. That way you work hard 6/7 days but you KNOW that on day 7 you get to eat what you want that day, so you are really depriving yourself.

    3) Start by taking Brewer's Yeast. You can find it at a local vitiman shop. About a few tablespoons a day will curb that sweet tooth. The reason being is that it will naturally balance your pH, gluclose, and other body levels. Hypogylcemia (those who ALWAYS crave and need sweets) is a condition in which you lack a certain vitiman or combination of vitimans. There is a great book out there (Kevin T (something) is the authour) and I belvie its called Nature's Cure. Basically you need to get your body balanced and stuff....my mom is all into this, lost 30lbs, is no longer hypogylcemic and is loving life.

    3) Do NOT purge

    hope this helped
  8. How about allowing yourself some bittersweet chocloate every day. Not much fat, not much sugar, but really good. There are also dessert yogurts that are good but loaded with artificial sweeteners .
    I say, eat, don't feel guilty, the guilt starts a cycle that is hard to break.
  9. to combat my sweet tooth, i allow myself one sweet at dinner (which I always eat before 6pm). Usually I get either the 100 calorie Jello Pudding or Weight Watchers 100 calorie carrot cake snacks. Perfect size and really no guilt at all!
  10. As far as the working off of calories is concerened I am not sure it works all the times. See yesterday I binged and ingurgitated at least two thousand calories if not more, after that i did my chores, walked for an hour and did my ususal abs excercises. I am sure that all these activities were not enough to completely burn off everything.
  11. then after you binge you need to really "workout" like climb stairs for an hour, power walk instead of just regular walking, or do pilates or yoga...doing the normal day to day activities after a binge wont cut it.
  12. Hey hun....
    I know you know that purging isn't the best for your body and you aren't giving it any love by doing that okay?
    There's a book that I would really recommend, called...Bulima Anorexia, the binge purge cycle, by marlene boskind white and william c. white. =)
  13. I over did it yesterday when I had relatives visiting and they wanted to eat out every second so I woke up feeling bad. But then I realized it was a new day so I went to the gym and did a great work out and now I feel fine. It's okay to eat yummy things as long as you keep consistent with your work outs and overall healthy eating lifestyle.