feeling guilty about last purchase...

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  1. so this is the purse i have been wanting for a couple of months now. i mean... really wanting this purse. except now that i have it, i'm feeling extremely guilty. it's also my first non-boutique purchase, so i'm feeling weird about it.

    i seriously can't believe how i'm reacting. need some mono mizi lovin' from everyone right now.

    sorry for being such a downer.
    monomizi.jpg DSC00203.jpg
  2. Well, it's just gorgeous. Don't feel guilty for too long, you're worth it.
  3. WOW, it is beautiful and brand new! Why are you so sad after gotten your dream bag?:confused1:
  4. WOW! love it.

    Oh yeah, don't feel guilty!
  5. Can you please attach bigger photo??

    Congrats, remorse feelng is normal. By the way where did you get the bag from? Are you feeling weird about the authenticity??
  6. Why?
  7. omg i love it!!!

    dont feel bad you have been wanting it you deserve it

  8. The guilt will go away....................no worries!!! And funny enough, I saw a lady with it today and thought to myself, how nice it'd be to have a mono mizi. :yes:
  9. hey there! just a lot of factors adding to the guilt.. remember when i pm'd you about the other purse. i know i'll get over this. argh.
  10. The mizi is beautiful! You should feel happy and not guilty! Try to enjoy it if you can! :smile:
  11. omg such a beautiful bag, may I ask where you purchased it?
  12. thanks all. the guilt will eventually go away... and maybe i'll actually wear it out! i just never spent that much on a purse! the most i spent was on the BH.. and that was when it first came out and before price increases!
  13. it is beautiful!!! Enjoy it!!
  14. Oh! you got the beautiful bag.
    You desearve it!!!
  15. It is gorgeous.. I agree.. you are well worth it! :biggrin: