feeling embarrassed, need some support...

  1. as all of you know i've been looking for the perfect rebecca minkoff bag...since i don't live in the city, and i'm a teacher, it's pretty near impossible for me to get there so i have to rely on websites to make a decision, which can sometimes be pretty difficult...the people at the store that i've been working with have been great...they are always easy to work with, are very helpful and always in a good mood...all that being said, i've been comparing bags to try to decide which one i love...i finally decided on the rebecca minkoff matinee in saddle...(this is after ordering mams in evergreen and wine, a matinee in black/pewter, a rafe and a rm nikki in evergreen)...the store is being amazing but i feel embarrassed for ordering and returning so many bags...it's been difficult to make the decision, i can't just make it from a picture and i just feel badly about it...have any of you ever done this? ordered and compared a few bags until you decided? did you ever feel uncomfortable about it? thanks for the (anticipated) feedback because i'm feeling a little embarrassed about it...
  2. look at the bright side, am sure you'll be a loyal customer for them, and that's important for them :flowers:
  3. I know exactly what you mean! I live in the middle of nowhere and besides the few occassions that I travel to another city about 90% of my purchases are from the web. In fact, I can't remember the last time I bought a bag in the store (and I buy a lot of bags!).

    Don't feel bad. You are not carrying the bags then returning right? The only thing I would advise is to get as much information as you can first. I stalk information about a bag and try to view as many modeling pics as I can and talk to people that own it. In the end though it will do you no good to keep a bag you don't like. But just be sure to try and get as much info as you can before ordering it. Good luck! I'm on the hunt for the perfect RM also!!!
  4. That's understandable... I would send the SA a nice card thanking him/her for all of their help...
  5. thanks...as of today i'm returning everything and waiting for the matinee in saddle...!
  6. don't be embarassed! good for you, it is important to make sure you LOVE it and you need to test it out. they are there to help you, not judge you!
  7. I woulnt be embarassed at all. I do it all the time. In online shopping, returns just go with the territory. Thats why so many places like shoe companies offer free return shipping. Its hard to get to the store all the time and frankly, its kind of nice to shop from the comfort of your own home. Id rather get the stuff home and look it over and compare it when I can look in my own mirror, and compare my choices side to side at my own pace. Just dont go into debt by keeping more than you should (note to self!)
  8. I have done the same thing with a couple of bags! Yet I too always feel bad when I return a bag I bought online...to me it always kind of feels like turning down a second date with someone! I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! But then I remind myself that there is no need to feel that way - the stores surely expect it, and most of them are probably used to it!

    And as a side not, when the new RM Spring/Fall collections come out, I've already decided that if there is a color I want, I will order a MAM and a regular MA at the same time so I can see them side by side, try on, compare and then send back the one I decide I don't want!
  9. I do it all the time too. Congrats on getting the bag you really like!
  10. yeah, but this was 6 times!!! although there was kindness i could sense a bit of frustration on their part...i did send a lovely note to them thanking them for their patience, etc., and explained that it is really difficult to make a decision w/o seeing the bags irl...i mean, how are we supposed to decide on something sight unseen???!?!
  11. song, your indecisiveness is NOT diva behavior so don't feel bad! At the end of the day, if the retailer is smart, they will want you as a customer no matter what it takes. So as long as you're not abusing your rights as a customer (eg, returning used bags, requesting special orders from the manufacturer and then changing your mind, asking for special discounts, etc) they should be happy to accommodate you.
  12. It's more sensible to get the bag you really want. I can't stand to return things, so then I don't use them & end up selling on eBay for much less than I paid.
  13. jenny, that's what i've done in the past, but, this time i really needed to see the different bags in order to make a decision...i'm very happy with my final decision but i got the feeling that they were a little bit annoyed with me even though they were VERY nice
  14. balihai, i didn't use the bags or ask for anything except the initial discount that i was offered on the first bag using a special code...i figured that since i hadn't used it yet i was still entitled to it...?
  15. Well, as long as you kept one in the end-- they probably have plenty of people who buy & return without keeping any of it.