feeling dumb?

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  1. So all my friends are off at uni and every girl I meet asks me whether I am at uni or why im not? its getting so boring! basically after I finished school I studied beauty therapy for 3yrs and now im working? I just feel dumb and that I wont do as well in life because I dont have a degreee! :sad:
  2. don't feel dumb. you went to study beauty therapy for 3 years. Not everyone gets degrees, so you really shouldn't feel bad. And just because you do not have a degree does not mean you will fail at life, degrees just mean you took classes, paid money to enroll, and does not necesarily mean you HAVE life experience.
  3. Don't be so hard on yourself princess...
    if you truly love and enjoy the choices you make in life...
    there is no limit to what you can achieve!
    One of my friends graduated in a nursing school but was never happy...
    After a while he decided to pursue what he truly loved...
    Beauty and Fashion! and now is one of the most successful in our high school batch!
    A degree is never a guarantee for success...
    Love and be proud of who you are and go for what you want
    and what can make you happy!
    for me... if one can achieve that...
    then I would say...
    that person is Damn Smart and Successful!!!:supacool:
  4. enjoy your path because it's YOURS! You studied hard so you could start your professional career so be proud! Work hard and enjoy making life more beautiful for others!

    You can always take a few classes later on if you decide to make a change. [MANY people change careers throughout their working lifetime]. And, often people who work a few years and work before going back to take classes will do better than those who went in younger.

    There are pros and cons to either choice - feel proud of what you've chosen and enjoy!
  5. I think you're dumb if it took you this long to realize you'd be one of the few people without a degree. I'm guessing you're about 20-21. Didn't you see all of the people filling out college/university applications? :confused1:

    On the flip side, I also think it's dumb to want something because others have it. You clearly, choose not to go for a reason. If you're happy, then it was a good choice. If not, you can go back. :smile:
  6. I have a degree and don't have the best job (ie a job that requires a degree) and feel kind of stupid sometimes. I don't know why I care what people think... but I do. Those pieces of paper can be worthless. If you like what you're doing, don't worry about it!
  7. Schools do not educate people. People educate themselves if they are so inclined, even those who have to overcome years of school in order to do so.
  8. It pisses me off that people are made to feel dumb just because they don't go to college. College is NOT for everyone! My grandfather and grandmother never went to college and they ran two successful businesses.

    Colleges advertise as if they are the only path to success - of course! They want your money! Grrr. This topic really makes my blood boil. My little brother is currently without a degree and half of our family gives him a very hard time and it just makes me want to scream.

    What you do with your life is NOT dependent upon getting a college degree. You can be successful without it. You should NOT feel stupid. A lot of people who go to college and get degrees are not successful. College doesn't teach you about real life. It's just one path that some choose - it isn't for everyone.
  9. Right on sister!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. thank you every one! its not that im not happy about it? Some people have jus purposely made me feel a little for not having a degree! but im ok now :biggrin:
  11. Great to hear that you're alright now. There's still plenty of time to go back to uni if need to be.
  12. there is no reason to feel dumb. we all have our different stregnths. and as someone who went the academic route, and has a bachelors and masters i wish i had an art, gift or skill with my hands

    unfortunately, now most people expect the college thing as part of the package but that doesn't mean we all have to do it

    any how why should you feel dumb, as long as your doing something that you love thats all that matters