Feeling Down

  1. I hate to be such a party pooper but I'm feeling so down right now. I'm actually not watching one of my favorite shows ("Cold Case") for the fear that it'd make me even more depressed. I mean, ever have one of these days when you're going through MAJOR Hermes withdrawals but there's nothing you can do because what you want to get is out of reach?

    *sniffles* I want that fuchsia ostrich rigide (sellier) Kelly 28cm!!!! That's my DREAM Kelly, I want it more than I'd like a croc Kelly 28cm with diamonds, that's how much I want it ... It's the right style and right color and the right SIZE (size is always the problem, they never make it in the right size for me, if they do, it's never the right color or structure) ...

    Sorry for whining, I'm feeling so down ... I'm not getting the "vibe" that my order will be placed next February (my friend's getting another one placed) :crybaby: I'm afraid that my 11K will be worthless after a few years, since the pricing for ostrich Kelly goes up by $500 to $700 per year ...

    Edit: Just turned on the TV, there's no "Cold Case" tonight either. This sux.
  2. what 11k?
  3. Aaaaaawwwww, Kou, is too late to get fondue? I feel your pain.........
  4. HL, I had an 11K store credit with one of the boutiques due to some impulse buys. They are nice enough to let me return them after the 10 day deadline due to special circumstances. I was told that they can do a store order of an ostrich bag for me in July so that I can apply the 11K next year ... I found out the order was given to someone else and that I'm supposed to be the next in line; and then I found out from my friend who shops at the same place that her order is supposed to go next Feb as opposed to mine. That means while my store credit is good for as long as needed, my 11K may mean nothing should they decide to take their time placing my orders (and I dunno how long they'll offer fuchsia ostrich) ... Obviously I cannot bug the store about it (I've annoyed them enough asking for a credit receipt), they're nice enough to let me return the items and let the credit be good for as long as it takes to get my bag, but I know that the longer it takes for me to get the bag, the less the 11K will worth *sigh*

    Since I specifically want fuchsia ostrich Kelly in 28cm and in rigide style, the chances of any store getting that is pretty much nil as most ostrich Kelly these days are either souple or in 32cm (or both) ... I've also been told that fuchsia ostrich is not offered everytime and I know with Hermes, no color last forever unless they're black, white, blue jean, rouge H, and orange. I wish I've never made the impulse buys ... I suppose I could ask the store to call around and get the bag for me, but as I've said my choices are quite difficult to obtain so I'm not sure what else I can do right now. There isn't anything else I want to buy at the moment. Most importantly, I don't want to get on anybody's nerves and completely ruined my chances ... What other avenue can I go through?
  5. **HUGS**

    Sending Kelly vibes....
  6. Kou, chin up, you'll get the perfect, new fushia, 28 cm ostrich kelly!
    are you still looking for a birkin? (p.s. I know how you feel, still waiting for my blue!)
  7. *sniffle* I think they're still open but I have to stop eating that. I spent over $100 on fondue in the past week and I already gained 7 lbs.:wtf:
  8. I think now I'm looking for a 28cm HAC in fuchsia ostrich, fuchsia ostrich JPG Birkin (which I know the only way to go about it is via special order), or fuchsia ostrich Kelly RIGIDE 28cm. Since I have that 11K credit, the HAC or the Kelly will have to go through that store. I feel like there's a time crunch sinced the longer it takes, the less the 11K will be worth. If I had put that 11K into a CD, I could've been making close to $600 a year in interest.
  9. Ladies and gents, please feel free to kick or smack me over to Happy Land. I've been feeling down all weekend and I'm feeling exhausted from acting as if everything is normal. Gah, this is how i know I'm truly addicted to Hermes... I can't believe a bag can cause me such emotional turmoil:wtf:
  10. Kou,

    I am so sorry to hear that you feeling down...

    On the bright side, at least the store knows you are on the hunt for that bag! I am just curious, how do you know your friends' order "trumped" yours?
  11. Thanks!!:flowers: In the meantime, what can I do to make sure the store doesn't put someone in front of me?

    My poor friends ... I've been bugging them all weekend asking to see if there's something they want to get from Hermes just so that I can use up some of my credit and get some money back ... :lol:
  12. Kou...this must be the week for the BLUES! Oh, sweetie can you do anything on your list of "What I Do When I Get the Blues" to make you feel any better? Too late for Fondue? Actually, what got me out of the blues the other day was a little retail therapy....even though I really didn't find anything of significance to buy. It did raise my mood quite a bit. Listen.....that $11K is just getting on your last nerve. You know what I think? I think you should get yourself over to your local H boutique and spend a little of it. Why keep it all for the bag that's taking it's time coming!?!?!? Why not spend a little bit on something else you might love???? I swear, it'll make you feel better. Really. And I'll bet there's something Fuschia there just waiting for you......
  13. kou, i forget which is your home store? Perhaps you should plan on travelling more this year to find your dream bag and spend that $11K credit?
  14. Hey Kou...can I ask which store you shop in??
  15. Talked to her briefly and she said she was promised the order for next Podium ... I also found out some things that were inconsistent on the part of the SAs, that was how I found out I wasn't being told everything.

    This is NOT my local store, this is one of the several stores that I frequent.