Feeling down...

  1. Hey Gals, i'm so tired and down... been feeling especially thanksgiving nad it's getting harder and harder for me to get through the days. (long story, i'm currently doing something i hate and find meaningless...)

    Just needed to let it out. i wish i could feel better and less miserable but i just seem to be feeling worse as the days go by. Bleh

    time for me to get sleep now.

    Hugs Bubbles
  2. I'm sorry you're feeling down. Hopefully you'll feel better soon. If it's any consolation, Thanksgiving has made me sort of depressed I guess. I don't know of any other reason. Sometimes the holidays just do that.
  3. Oh that just sucks, I had a similar down time a couple weeks back. The only thing I can recommend is; sleep more and do something just for yourself.
  4. Go to the beauty shop and get the works! It will make you feel like a new person... If you can't afford it go to a beauty school and have senior students work on you!!!! It will lift your spirits....
  5. talk or journal it out, try something new....work out and sleep a lot :yes: always works. shopping usually helps too!
  6. You are not alone in feeling a bit blue. The holidays are over-hyped, starting in October, so 3 months of hell for a lot of people. I wish, as a culture we could get these back in perspective, especially Christmas. Everything is just too commercial.

    Many, very many of us have very dysfunctional families, and don't get together. Sometimes those that force it, just make the situation worse. It does not help that is is on TV, starting with the Morning Shows, every commercial, and every program.

    I am stuck home with a sprained ankle, need to be looking for work (That I like), and my house is now a mess.

    I just can't wait until January 2nd when it is all over. It used to make me cry the entire time. Now I deal with it better, and just can't wait until it is over. This would be a good time to travel, If I had the money.

    I am tired of sleeping and sick of TV.
  7. I'm sorry. Hugs to you!!!
  8. hey girls thatnks for the cheers and support.

    the last few days have been really tough and crappy. I'm soooo tired and exhausted and feeling like crap. I'm sitting around with my project teams and in each of the 3 project teams, i am the one getting the project together.

    People either

    A) don't know how to do their part. which means i need to teach them how to do it and explain and answer their questions

    B) don't know how to bring it to the next level of analysis.

    This is not any of their fault but it's very frustrating for me because they are all learning while i'm learning nothing and i'm teaching them how to do it. And in the process i get *****y and impatient. So they probably thunk i'm a stuck up know it all *****.

    i feel so miserable and was just crying for awhile today. I don't even recognize my life as it currently is (long story). I can't believe this is even my life.

    i want my old life back before everything feel apart. and i know i can't have it back and things are where they are. i need to try to rebuild my life but GOSH gals, i just don't feel like i have the energy to rebuild my life. sometimes i want to sink into oblivion.

    the other part of me has given up trying to rebuild my life. i think why bother? i'm just to fail and it's all going to come crashing down again. After all, i put in everything i had in the last 6 years to get somewhere and it all came crashing down. Why bother trying to rebuild my life? it's just going to go nowhere and i'm going fail and it's all going to be a mess in the end.

    THAT"S what keeping me from getting back into the game and trying to rebuild my life. I have lost so much and I wish i had it back.
  9. Try not to live in the past. It was not as perfect as you are thinking it was, and you will never have it back.

    But, you can have something better than the past, and better than what is going on right now. Just try to focus on the task at hand, so you get thru it

    If you start crashing, think about how good the future is going to be.
  10. Maybe a vacation is in order! Time to think and reflect on what will make you happy!!
  11. My friend told me that I might have SAD> SEasonal Affective Disorder..
    SO I read up on it, and it says I am affected by the seasons, and that when I don't see enough sunlight and the days are short it makes me dpressed..WOW, it makes sense, that's why I'm always a bit down during Christmas..
    There's a light that simulates REAL SUNSHINE that I'm supposed to sit next to a few hours a day..my friends said they'd buy it for me to see if it works..
    Yaay, we'll see!:yahoo::confused1::yahoo:

    HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER, just VENT a lot- it helps..
  12. Hey Decocritter,

    I hope your ankle gets better soon! i had a leg injury a few years back and it drove me crazy that everything took 5x longer!!

    i know it wasn't perfect as i think but at least i had ONE thing that i was happy about. but i lost everything almost overnight - job, apartment, relationship. there is nothing in my life right now and i hate my life as it is and i struggle to get through each day. and the last few days have been rough for some reason.

    i know i can't have my life back but if only i could because i'm so miserable given the current circumstances. i'm suppose to get up from this and rebuild my life. i know that's what i'm supposed to do. but like i said, part of me doesn't have the energy and part of me doesn't want to. why waste the next 6 yrs rebuilding my life when it's probably going to all come crashing down again.

    i don't believe that the future is going to be good. everything i worked so hard for got taken away from me. i think i'm still recovering from it... but i dont have the luxury of time to recover from it. the longer i stay in this miserable position the more miserable i'm going to be and it's going to be harder to get out. so i need to get out of my miserable situation asap BUT i'm too emotionally and mentally exhausted to try to rebulid my life.

    sigh i'm in such a mess.

  13. Bubbles -It is not likely that the cycle would repeat itself exactly in the same way..thank goodness for that, eh?

    Have you taken a couple of weeks off from worrying about it? Just work and go home and treat yourself well.

    If you are going to play the relationship game, there will always be ups and downs. Are you not pretty young? Put the relationship thing out of you mind for a while. Focus on easy friendships for now.

    Take Baby steps. Work on the thing that will bring you the most satisfaction first. If you have an adequate living situation, start working on the job part. If not , find a new place to live. Don't try to change everything at once. Don't go into debt right now, whatever you do. Instead, pay things off, or down.

    If you can't make a move, go get a massage or two, take a hot bath right now, and get in bed with a movie or good book. Anything to break the negative thought patterns.

    Thoughts are things... try to find anything positive to do.

    My ankle will get better, I just wanted it to be healed in a week! I am lucky I have my little Chihuahua to keep me company.

    You have just hit a rough patch, it will get better.
  14. bubbles, my darling it is good to hear from you even though it's not very good news...just know we love you and are always here for you to vent/post/*****/whatever!! XXXOO PGal.