Feeling Down??


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Feb 22, 2006
I agree with Charles. It's ONLY been a month and he already has a new "love"? The guy works fast. Probably not someone you want to be dwelling about. Go out for a night or two, few weekends even, to get your mind off things. Take time out to focus on yourself and your life. Keep your friends close. Try to not be alone so much, that's just even more depressing because you'll constantly be thinking about your ex. I know the feeling of missing someone. It really sucks. But please believe, this will pass and life will go on. *HUGS*
Sep 24, 2006
New York, NY
Don't worry about him...sounds like you will be better off w/o him. Like Charles said, go out w/ some friends and get ur mind off of him. And IMO, I wouldn't jump into another relationship for awhile. Just give yourself a chance to heal.

I totally agree, keep your head up and your mind on other things.. you will get through this... remember... time wounds all heels... errrm, I mean... time heals all wounds :tup:



May 17, 2007
I'm sorry your feeling so down, and with good reason I might add. Your right when you say this shall pass. Chin up, looks like you have a lot of support here:smile:


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Oct 30, 2006
So not easy to move on especially when you see him with someone else but it will pass I promise you. Try to be positive & thankful you are free of this jerk, you deserve so much better!


Jul 2, 2006
totally agree with everyone here, what you are feeling now is just a short passing phase, you can definitely get over it! stay strong, maybe take time off and go on a short vacation? take care!


Aug 27, 2006
He may just be rebounding, but regardless now that he's your ex focus your energy on YOU. Be selfish and take some "me" time to grow and heal from this broken relationship to better figure out what you want from yourself and your future relationships. Best of luck and hang in there. :smile:
Nov 8, 2006
hey i know what u mean

i went for a dinner event thing last night and i wanted to tell my ex everything that happened cos he would so understand the context of it...

but of course, i didn't have anyone to share it with tha would relaly appreciate and understand the situation.

being in a long relationship, you build up this understanding of each other and are used to sharing or being with each other. so even in my case where i don't have good feelings towards the ex, he was still the one i wanted to share it with cos he'd understand.

you just have to distract yourself. it's like playing games with ur self. everytime i have one of these moments, i distract myself by calling mychildhood friend or getting some task done (like laundry or packing..)

:heart: and hugs

Thank you soo much guys...

u dont know how hard it is to miss him soo much and not being able to talk to him..thats what kills me..i wish there was a pill for this pain..but i will remain strong and believe that this shall pass!!!:crybaby:


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May 3, 2007
New Jersey
Thank you soo much for your support!!!

I recently went and saw a therapist cause i thought it was the end of the world for me?? we spoke i told him everything about my relationship and he adviced me that i should get away and do the no contact rule....the therapist told me that he has all the qualities of a Narcissist....:sad:
Nov 8, 2006
Im' glad you did that! in these times, it helps to get therapy =) and i always go with the no contact rule. it makes it much easier to get over the guy/jerk.

LOL i think it's so funny that ur therapist says he has all the qualities of a narcissist. that's definitely a good reason to stay away from him! =)


Aug 27, 2006
my boyfriend just broke up with me this MORNING, a couple hours ago. the previous morning we had been talking about our future, the place we might be moving into, our trip in August, etc. and then suddenly, BAM. i seriously thought i was in a dream when he told me this morning. i thought a night's rest would work things out like it ALWAYS did. oh i so feel your pain.


Nov 29, 2006
Where the water is
Aw hun! I feel for you. Recently my bf and I broke up as well (although we have gotten back together since then) and it was the hardest few weeks I had gone through. But through that, I realized that I am OK on my own and that being OK with myself is first thing I need before stepping back into a relationship. As soon as that happened I was okay if he walked away from me and never looked back or if he came crawling back.

But you'll be okay in time. Take care of yourself!!:heart: