Feeling Down??

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  1. Hi all,

    i feel soo down and depressed i broke up with my bf from 3 years and i just found out he has moved on to a new love...i feel sooo bad:crybaby:its been a month and i still cant forget him....:sad:.................
  2. It's been a month and he's already in love with someone else?

    Forget about him. Go out and have some fun with your friends. Get your mind off of things.
  3. One month. Hmmm... that was pretty quick.

    I agree with Charles. And I think that if you look at his actions, they will tell you that he really didn't take the relationship as seriously as you did, at least at the end...I say that because he moved on so fast.

    You need to move on too. Call your friends, have a girls night out... get out and meet people! Don't stay home feeling sorry for yourself, get out there and make your self happy!

    And, you might want to just be glad you got rid of the BF... afterall, he doesn't seem all that broken up by the break up, now did he? that's not the kind of guy you want.
  4. hey gal, i know how you feel. just broke up from 4 yr relationship. we are not on talking terms so i don't know if he's moved on but all i can say is that as much as it sucks now, you'll move on and it'll all be a distant memory in time.

    just think abck to ur past bfs and how it doesn't matter or hurt anymore now.

    and the fact that he's moved on to someone else means that you need to do that too. if he could get over the relationship that quickly, he's NOT WORTH any tears or pain or being in love with. that's my take

    my pain mainly stems from my own stupidity at wasting all the time i did with my ex

    *HUGS* it'll get better. go out with your friends and do fun stuff. it'll help you =)
  5. Thank you guys!!!:flowers:
  6. Sending a big *HUG* to you. I can so relate what / how you r feeling at this moment. What you need to do now is to get your friends together and hang out meet some new guys and slowly forget about your ex. It will take time to let go and knowing that he had moved on makes it even harder on you. Keep teling yourself if he can move on so why can't you! You have to live 10x happier than he is. You have our TPF support! :yes:
  7. ITA!!:yes: I can so relate...
  8. ^ that makes 2 of us. *BIG HUGS* i hope you feel better soon and get over all the hurt and pain soon too! [​IMG]
  9. OK not to hijack the thread but can i just say that i HATE having dreams/nightmares about exes.

    well i had one about this ex 2 nights ago. in it, he said he was going to be away and traveling next week and would only be back in Feb. I was like WHAT??? and then in his usual smart and charming way, he talks me into believing that it'll all be ok and it won't affect our relationship. and I agreed.

    i woke up and i was SO PISSED with myself in the dream for believing yet another stupid empty promise and meaningless words of his!! LOL I'm like even in the dream/nightmare i get conned. DAMMN IT!! I need to go back to the dream/nightmare and scream and shout NO NO NO !!!

  10. Hey..I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you. My b/f of over 3 1/2 yrs. started seeing someone else before I got the memo. that we were 'done' then, it was by me dragging it out of him over the phone. It hurts, ALOT, and sometimes I get caught in the 'woe is me' **** too but really, you have to keep moving and surround yourself with family, friends, whatever it takes. Don't give him anymore mental space and focus on you. Do something, anything, every single day to empower yourself. It's HARD and downright diminishing when you love someone and they are totally into another woman but there is someone else out there just waiting to meet you! I am finding the book "It's called a break-up because it's broken" very helpful. Hugs to you..pm me anytime..it's sometimes comforting to know you are not alone and not the only one dealing with this kind of thing:heart:
  11. I'm sorry you are down. But if it makes you feel any better he is probably on the rebound. Try to get out and be around people. :flowers:
  12. :flowers: Hang in there! We understand how you must feel. It will pass, but for now, like others have mentioned, focus on YOU and your well-being. Make a list of things you want to do and places you would like to see around your area. Get some friends together and experience them. Join a gym and take a yoga class, or do something else in groups. Get out there and meet people. Do things that you would never have done with him. And try not to jump into another relationship like he did...that's not good. Just focus on you and everything will fall into place.
  13. Thank you soo much guys...

    u dont know how hard it is to miss him soo much and not being able to talk to him..thats what kills me..i wish there was a pill for this pain..but i will remain strong and believe that this shall pass!!!:crybaby:
  14. Oh hon. I just broke up with my boyfriend too. I'm so miserable... so I definitely know what you're going through. ::hugs:: ::hugs::
  15. Don't worry about him...sounds like you will be better off w/o him. Like Charles said, go out w/ some friends and get ur mind off of him. And IMO, I wouldn't jump into another relationship for awhile. Just give yourself a chance to heal.