Feeling down today

  1. I purchased this "busy" printed Milly dress (sorry, don't have a picture, but it is a vintagey yellow/brown print in a style that's kind of a throw back to the 60s), and really thought that I loved it. I decided to wear it today, and got made fun of...twice. I am nowing wearing my coat over it, hiding in my office, and feeling shallowy down and embarassed about wearing the dress. :sad:
  2. Some people can be sooo rude :rant: Just ignore the comments Suli. Some people take pleasure in making fun of others.
  3. IGNORE THEM! They are probably just jealous that you look so fashion forward!
  4. SuLi sounds like sour grapes to me. They're probably jealous about how cute you look in that dress!
  5. Just chalk it up to them being jealous. If you like it, wear it! :cool:
  6. people who don't have any fashion sense are usually jealous of the ones that have any. don't be embarrassed. I'm sure you look great. BTW, the dress sounds fun. what bag did you wear it with?:biggrin:
  7. That is why it's called personal style. It is your style - some people have it, some people don't! Look at what some of the most stylish celebrities are wearing - they are all risk takers! Enjoy yourself!:biggrin:
  8. Milly makes great stuff and I'm sure you look fabolous. Ignore the people who made fun of you they have no taste and are obnoxious also.
  9. Don't let other people dictate to you what you should and should not wear.:oh: People who do this are usually insecure themselves. They wouldn't have the fashion sense to wear what you wear. :heart:
  10. just own your dress and don't let them get you down! i bet you look great!
  11. your dress seems to be so cute:cool:
    just don't care and don't made their comments influence you in any way!!!as the others said, you DO have a fashion sense, which they DON'T have...be happy and proud of it...and don't hide your dress, you have NO reason.....:flowers::flowers:
  12. Wear it with confident. Forget about them.
  13. I bet we'd think the dress is cute because we have good taste! I love Milly! Sorry to hear those people are ruining your Friday.
  14. Individuality is often ridiculed by the masses of lemmings. If you like it, you wear it. Even though they made fun of it, did it make them laugh? At least it brought a smile to a few faces rather than disgust. You are not alone. Galileo, DaVinci, Gary Larson, George Lucas, 90% of the actresses that walk the red carpet during Oscar night - they ALL have been ridiculed severely at one time or another for their individualism. And look where they stand now. That is some serious company to be in. They talk about you because you are an important part of their lives. :smile:
  15. I love those dresses! Wear it proud some people have no common sense!