Feeling Down, Sad, Low

  1. My family came back from a 2 week Florida vacation on Sunday. We spent the time w/ my parents and it was wonderful. It's always really hard to leave them b/c we are so close. Also they are in their late 70's and even though they are in amazing mental and physical condition I worry about how long I will have left w/ them. Of course I cried on the way to the airport b/c I missed them already.

    Monday we came home and spent Labor Day w/ friends to mark the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. It was hard to realize the temperatures were dropping and it getting darker earlier.

    Today, my twins start the 4th grade. This is a new school for them for 4th, 5th and 6th grade and I just can't believe how the time has flown. I remember vividly, crying during their kindergarten orientation, for Gods sake! I took them to the school yesterday to see where their classrooms were and luckily their teachers were there so they could meet them, so they are feeling better about the transition.

    I just feel like crying this morning over everything!! I am such a baby! It also doesn't help that it is that time of the month. My kids were actually consoling me b/c I was tearing up over how old they are.

    God, I'm pathetic. I am also really fat and bloated right now b/c all we did was eat and drink the whole 2 weeks we were away. I am going to the gym this morning to start back on my routine of spinning 5-6 days a week and weight training but I really just want to go under my covers and cry.

    Sorry, for such a drag of a post but I just needed to express myself.
  2. OMG! I SO totally understand!!!
    I just put my baby...10 years old..LOL..on the bus to MIDDLE school for the very first time.(Middle school is 5 th and 6th grade here!)
    I walked back into the house..and cried...SO PATHETIC!!!!!PHH laughs at me every year...cuz I always get sniffly when she goes..but this year...argh..MIDDLE SCHOOL???LOCKERS???BOYS????ROFLMAO..Kill me now!
    I just got back from vacation too..I am peeling from head to toe....what a mess!
    I totally can completely relate..Its so hard to let our babies go!!This time of year is always rough on us moms!!!!
    Big hugs to you....
  3. Shushopn, I really empathise with you about your parents. My mum's 79 and I dread the day when she's no longer with us. She's the mainstay of our small family (Dad passed away three years ago) and I think I'll simply fall to pieces without her.

    Hope you'll feel less down soon. Sending positive energy your way! :smile:
  4. Shushopn, I'm sorry you feel so blue. Its natural though I get down after a holiday, its kind of a reality check thats all.

    In regards to your parents, this might be difficult but its worth it. My husbands parents live a way from us & we really don't see them very often. A few months ago we bought them a compact computer with all the gizmos on it & drove up to them, set it up & showed them how to use the email & internet (basics, nothing too technical) we also set up MSN for them & now, almost everyday they use the webcam (built in) to talk to my husband so although they don't physically get to be near him, they see each other everyday.

    You might have concerns about how they'll cope with the technology )(or they might be super hot with comps !) but if you just show them clearly what they need to press, don't overload them with info & leave some instructions I'm sure they'll do just fine. My in laws are so tech phobic its not true!! but all they have to do is press a couple of buttons & they are away.

    My husband also set up remote access for them on his comp so if they do have any problems, he just gets into it directly & sorts it all out for them (this includes weekly maintainence of deleting cookies & files, running any updates etc).

    Just a thought you might like to try. :flowers:
  5. Thanx to all! The bus just picked up my kids...I couldn't even go straight to the gym, I had to come home and cry first, which I am doing while I type. UGH!:crybaby: Jill- my husband totally makes fun of me to.

    Parkaveprincess - thanx for the advice...I actually talk to my parents almost everyday and they each have computers for e-mails...the webcams might be good if they could handle it!

    Must clean myself up and do something physically and mentally healthy for myself so I don't go back to bed.:sad:
  6. ^ You poor thing! I wanna smack him when he makes fun of me crying!!Dont you???LOL???
  7. I know Jill! My husband is sooo unphased by everything. Never worries about a thing. I guess one of us has to be that way! LOL! (not really laughing, still crying).
  8. Just dropped off my sophmore and my oldest just transferred to another college. Time goes too quickly! I can certainly relate to this thread.
  9. no problem hunny! get them a webcam, it just makes it a little more personal :flowers:
  10. Me, too. I have two freshmen (or women, as the case may be:P) One in HS and one in college! Where does the time go?!

    Big hugs to you shushopn! :tender: Be proud of your babies! And don't be too hard on yourself. We are here for you!

    Much love, Pippi:flowers:
  11. Awww....my lil one starts kindergarden ,and my oldest is going to middle school ...she will be taking the bus ( school bus, i use to take her to school and she would come home with my mom) and i am kind of feeling some way ........trying not to but , i got let go a lil...:smile:

    But * Big hugs *
  12. It has been a rough day...I have been very unnerved and shakey all day. Meanwhile, my kids loved school and their teachers and are at a friend's house. God, they are so much more well-adjusted then I am! I don't know what I will do when they go to highschool or college...I will have to get a xanax prescription from my girlfriend who's a doctor LOL!
  13. :heart: Thanx to all of you for your support and kindness! I really needed it today.
  14. Any time!:yes::heart: