Feeling discouraged: cat attacked my new pup

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  1. I recently rescued the most beautiful sweet dog I have ever seen, she is a real sweetheart. She is five years old and is just an all around well behaved girl. I have two cats who I rescued when they were adults. My one female cat could care less about the dog however my other male cat has turned into a homicidal maniac.
    I first did a slow introduction, introducing them behind glass doors. At first he hissed and growled and made sounds like he was an evil demon vacuum cleaner coming to life.This however stopped so we started to bring her into the room on a leash. Last night she was up on the bed and he even jumped up and went to sleep.

    Today me and my husband brought our little girl in and the male cat didnt hiss or growl at all but when she came off the bed my husband approached him with her on the leash. He started to growl and I told my husband to stop and to pull our dog away but he wouldnt listen to me and continued to allow the dog to approach the cat who was practically under the bed. I told my husband again to pull the dog away that he was going to attack and my husband still would not pull the dog away and that is when my cat turned into Floyd Mayweather and with both paws he pounced her like she was Manny Pacquiao, once my cat did that she started to growl, he stopped for a second but then he went in for a round two(l put soft paws on him in the event something like this happened). After this incident my husband brought the dog down stairs to his office but my cat went downstairs and was hunting for her like he was a little furry John Rambo. Once he found her behind the glass door of my husbands office she saw him and ran at the door growling and he started hissing again, I scooped him up and locked him back upstairs.

    My husband is all mad now and wants to call the pet rescue and give the dog back after this incident. I am really upset because I feel like all the progress I made has now been lost. I been reading up on introduction and what I think happened was the cat tolerated her being in the room the other times however when she approached him so closely he felt threatened and attacked. I tried explaining this to my husband but he just doesn't want to hear it. I just wish he would have listened to me when I told him to pull the dog back, now they are mortal enemies.

    I just dont know what to do. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I don't know anything about cats, but I wanted to let you know there is a lot of help out on the Internet. Don't give up! I'm sure a lot of people have posted on pet-specific forums about this issue.

    If it were two dogs, they would probably figure out how to work it out by themselves.

    This is just one problem. You can probably get past it if you work on it.

    Do you watch "my cat from hell"? Maybe Jackson has some advice on this. :shrugs:

    With my puppy, I was told to let her decide whom she wanted to interact with. They lose some of that power when they are on a leash. Was the new dog submissive to the cat? That may be the trick to their getting along. You may need to give the dog an escape route.

    Do more research.
  3. Whose idea was it to adopt the dog and who are the cats most attached to? From what I read it sounds like there is a control issue involving the husband. By ignoring your suggestion it almost seems like he went out of his way to provoke an incident. Just an outsiders opinion
  4. First, you and your husband need to be on the same page. If he is not going to let them go at their own pace, they won't likely get along.

    Second, go back to square one and start all over. It sounds like you were on the right track before this happened. Separate them for a couple days, then try again with the glass doors, etc.

    Good luck!
  5. Thank you everyone for the replies. My husband originally wanted a puppy however I wanted to rescue an adult dog but we both mutually agreed on this decision and he is very happy with her. As far as the cat he is most attached to me and he can be territorial over me but has never reacted this violently. The most he has ever done is get up and leave when my other cat comes to sit with us or if I call her name. He has also sat right in between me and my husband when my husband first started coming to my apartment when we were first dating while usually he would ignore guests, he has never been violent ever.

    As far as my husband he isnt controlling but he can be very stubborn. He has apologized and admitted that he should have listened and will work better with me on the introduction. I went to pet store and bought my cats lots of new toys and also pet calming infusions to plug in. I am hoping this helps relax my cat some.

    They actually saw eachother through glass earlier and my cat did not hiss at her and she did not growl but I am going to start from the beginning. Yes we were on the right track and I just hope we get back on it!
  6. Good luck. I've never tried to add a dog to a household with cats so I don't really have advice. But from what I hear it seems likely the cat will establish dominance and then you can have peace in the home. That's assuming the cat acts defensively and doesn't stalk the dog. I hope it works out for you all.
  7. ^I agree with cats usually establishing dominance. Must have something to do with those claws. :biggrin: Cats are most comfortable when they have somewhere high to escape to, so once they get over this squabble, things should go well as long as he can get up on a couch or bookshelf or something. Usually a dog will want to sniff kitty, stick their nose in kitty's face, kitty gets insulted with wet dog nose, swats dog, dog learns it's lesson. So long as your pup does not have a high prey drive, things will likely work out.
  8. I used to foster Greyhounds. My cats would always give the dog a swat if he got too close. The dog learned quickly who was in charge. lol Unfortunately you will have to start over with a very slow introduction and you and your hubby need to be on the same page. They can be friends. I have always found that my cats were always alpha above the dogs. I had a 5 pound ball of fluff named Sabrina that the 80 pound Greyhounds would not walk by in the hallway. Just be very careful and do not allow any physical interaction.
  9. I also have had several pet greyhounds, and my cat (now at the rainbow bridge) did not like them at all. All of my dogs were scared of her, and gave her a wide berth. :biggrin: I am in the camp of "I don't expect them to be friends, but I do want them to respect each others space".

    I agree with the advice to make sure your kitty has plenty of escape routes. I think it will mostly just take time. Cats, in particular, seem to take a while to adjust to big changes.
  10. Let your cats set his/her own pace, and be patient if his pace is slower than you had hoped for. When I first adopted my dog, it took me over two weeks of feeding in a separate room (they could see each other through a gate while eating). The first week of this feeding routine, my cats seemed to be ok with the dog, so I decided to remove the gate and fed them in the same room. The first meal went uneventful, but later that day my cats let me know that they were not happy about this (they let me know by pooping and peeing outside the litter box). I had to go back to the previous routine, and my cats used their litter box again (thank goodness!). After that, it took about a week and a half till my cats allowed the dog to be in the same room with them. Now they are good friends and they learn to respect each other's space.

    Good luck to you, please don't give up. :smile:
  11. I hate to say it, but your Husband was the one at fault and the only one he should be mad at is himself. He escalated the issue rather than let it progress naturally and ignored your insistence to stop and now both animals are going to have animosity towards each other for a while and it may take longer to acclimate them to each other and get them to live peacefully together. (notice though, I said it may take longer. Not that it can't be done. )

    Go back to square one. Keep them entirely separate in the home for now. They will be able to smell each other, but not engage each other. Then gradually let them in the same room. Perhaps crate the cat and leash the dog. Keep them where they can see each other but not bother each other. Sit and watch a movie or something so they're in a calm situation where everyone is minding their own business. During this time, also work on some basic commands with the dog (No, leave it, come, ect)

    In time, keep the dog leashed, cat loose. The cat by that point will probably ignore the dog's presence so long as its not allowed to harass or corner it. Then once dog has a good grasp of No / Leave it / Come and both have for the most part lost interest in each other... Let the dog loose with the cat too.

    All in all, this may just be a one or two week period.

    I have a young high prey drive hunting breed that resource guards his toys and food from everyone but me... That lives with a 12 year old snotty brat cat that has no fear of dogs and likes to instigate things and steal from the dog.

    Don't give up, this situation isn't remotely as bad as it seems. :smile:
  12. Thank you everyone. I am now back at square one and I think slow progress is being made as my male cat does not hiss at her through the door at the moment. I plan on taking this slow and probably will not attempt a leash introduction until next week. I have also been trying to give my boy some extra play and interaction time.

    I am not hoping for them to be on an episode of Unusual Animal Friends anytime soon, I just hope that they can at least tolerate each others existence.
  13. Its ok you can say I have already told him a million times and also I had to report the incident to our dog trainer and my hubby just sat with his head down. She had her first obedience class as she needs work on commands. Like a true Eskimo pup she is stubborn as heck. I will feel much better introducing them if atleast she responds to some basic commands. Work in progress!
  14. :smile: it's good that your husband can admit he made a mistake
  15. I am pretty sure my husband is obssessed with that show. :biggrin:
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