Feeling Depressed for the bag addiction

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  1. I have a friend got depressed for not able to buy the bag she wanted... is it really a thing? For any bag addicts out there, when do you actually stop or do you ever? How do you get out of that craving feeling to buy more bags? Need some advise on how to control that urge.
  2. This urge to purchase the new IT bag is a phase and it comes and goes.

    When you're dealing with life (job loss, health issues, divorce, loss of a loved one, some tragedy), this urge will fade because life becomes so cruel and dark all of a sudden, and you will have a hard time dealing with life and get out of bed rather than purchasing a bag.
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  3. Think of the whole thing as an illusion. How often it’s all about the chase and once you get what you wanted, you move on to your next one? If you think about it, you’ll never stop wanting them, because it’s not about the end result, it’s really about ‘wanting’ them.
    Until you’re not happy with what you have and stop being addicted to the chase and being bored once you get what you want (it should be the opposite), the cycle will never end.
    Find a new hobby like playing a sport or learn to do something you’ve always wanted to do, set new goals for yourself, surround yourself with friends that aren’t shopaholics and do other things in life than go shopping and talk about the latest bag all day.
    Being surrounded by ‘addicts’ and ‘enablers’ will make it harder to get out of it.
  4. I will sell my old or less used stuffs to fund for my new love
    Don't use what's the point keeping
    Don't buy I keep thinking of it lol
    Re home them then I will feel less guilty haha
    Sitting in the closet not a wise choice
    Seeing loving not buy I will be sleepless
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  5. It’s healthy to want things, but not to be depressed if you can’t get them. That to me shows that it’s either more about the wanting than the having or that the bags are filling a void of something that is missing in that person’s life. Some people party it out, others go shopping, others do drugs or drink.
    I don’t think it’s a matter of controlling the urge, it’s a matter of setting realistic expectations. Once you accept that you’ll be fine.
    If that bag stops being an IT bag, do you still want it? If not, why not?
    Do you know nowadays you can ‘rent’ bags instead of owning them? It’s like a Netflix for bags. You can have fun with them and once you’re done, if you love them you can buy it or send it back and pick something else.

    Find out why you want these things.
    Do they really make you happy? Why?
    In the grand scheme of things, does it really make you unhappy not to have them? Why? Aren’t there other things in life to be thankful for? Are you taking them for granted? How can you learn to enjoy and appreciate them again?
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  6. Also, maybe you’re buying the wrong bags or buying them tor the wrong reasons, that’s why you want another one and another one and are not happy?
    There are new bags I’d like to have, but it doesn’t mean I love my favorite ones any less or I’ll be down if I can’t get the ones I want anytime soon. I’m over the moon I have the ones I do!
    My first Birkin still makes me smile as much as she did the first day I got her. She’s big, blue and in charge and there’s something about her that none of my other bags have. If you ask me what it feels like to carry an Hermès bag, she’s it.
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    IMO it won't be about the bag but a deeper unresolved issue she doesn't want to face or can't identify (as yet)
  8. Agree with all these!
  9. that is almost always the issue why I start thinking about buying things I don't need or why I have made unwise bag purchases in the past. I am actively practicing restraint now until I figure out what my issue is (almost always uncertainties of life). so for me, as things get worse, I want to buy more not less. not being able to buy makes it worse but is not the reason
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  10. I find I can get a little depressed when I can't have a luxury item I want, but I think it is mostly related to job stress.
  11. I am very depressed... still grieving significant loss from my son’s passing and noticed that it comes out in unnecessary spending. I have maintained some restraint with purchasing luxury bags, shoes and accessories.
    I wear a uniform every day and only get to wear my bags on weekends. I now invest in better skincare, makeup brushes and am on a low buy for makeup this year.
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