Feeling confused


Sep 9, 2018
I recently bought a Favorite MM and wanted a new strap after advice from on here.
I saw the mono strap on the website and it was not available, so I contacted my SA and she said she had one in store.
I made quite a long trip to go and get it but when I got there, the strap was the same length exactly as the Favorite strap and it also had a shoulder pad thing attached.
I didn't buy it and left disappointed but now I'm thinking that this was not the same strap as online.
The one online does not have that shoulder pad thing but I can't see one that does.
What strap were they offering me? Just trying to get my head around which one is right to order.


May 27, 2018
There are so many LV straps available, some for purchase stand alone and some as replacements. If you saw something online as a stand-alone there is probably a SKU number. I would send that to your SA. The other option is to ask for a replacement strap for a bag you own. If you have a relationship with an SA it is possible to ask for a replacement strap for a bag you do not own.