Feeling Classy!

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  1. The title of this thread is courtesy of Tuffcookie who posted this bag last year, and if I remember correctly she couldn't stop thinking: Its so classy!
    (Correct me if I'm wrong Tuff:heart:)

    Anyway, I totally blame this one on Tad:P. She wore hers to the spring trunk show this fall and made my heart twitter.

    No long drawn out strip teases here, just pics!

    My new Baby, S '07 Black SC Venetia with gold HW
    Soooooooooooooo classy
  2. Some modeling:

  3. [​IMG][​IMG]
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]


    And there you go. Nice little appetizer before June's big show later;)
  5. I LOVE the Venetia on you! You look great carrying this bag. It really makes me want one. I have been a long time admirer of the Venetia. BTW, you look very classy!!
  6. Congrats!
    Very classy, you just can't go wrong with a fabulous black venetia, nice shoes too. What colour is the suede, yummy chocolate or sophisticated grey?
  7. Thanks Windy and Beany!

    The interior is gray suede, and the shoes are costume national(scored them during the Saks sale)!
  8. it's beautiful jacy! and it looks AWESOME on you!!!!!!!!
  9. Now I MUST have a venetia!

    Congrats, she's so purty! (and yes, you are, too) :biggrin:
  10. Very classy! It really suits you, you've got such great style. And I LOVE those shoes!!!!!
  11. she is beautiful Space! I love it! you wear it sooooo incredibly well!!
  12. Very classy bag for a very classy lady!:tup:
  13. Dawn, Izznit, Kmroboto, Baglover, and and Tiger, you guys are so sweet! Thank you for the kind compliments:heart:.
  14. Wow this bag is awesome on you(you are adorable and such a rockingly cool fashionista!). I love the venetia!

  15. DITTO what she said! You look fabulous!!!:yahoo: