Feeling blues over the winter weight...

  1. So.. It's been pretty cold these few months, and I've been bundling up and eating a lot!!!

    Anyway, I just realized how fat I am when I went shopping yesterday. Acksss.... my arm... my thigh... the fats are everywhere. I'm overwhelmed with "fatness" that I walk out the store empty handed, and head hung so low it would hit the ground.

    My summer figure that has been praised by everyone is long gone, and I'm back to the fat me!

    Anyway, is there a quick way to solve this? Btw, I hate exercise... I went to high school where exercising is more like the army, than fun. So there you go...

    BUT I like dancing. But, somehow taking a dancing class with strangers are not really what I would like to do now. Ok I'm rambling. I need to stop. . .
  2. danicing would be fun and a great way to get moving.
  3. P.S. - Lisabags you hit 2000 w/ that post!!!:wlae:
  4. When I want to lose a few kilos I cut out carbs like bread, potatoes, pasta etc, it works!:yahoo:
  5. Well unfortunately, they way to do this is diet and exercise (by diet I am referring to what you eat). Try to cut back on food intake and start dancing in the house, a lot!!
  6. :yes: ITA. Re-evaluate what you're eating, and formulate a nutrition and exercise (I know, that word sucks) plan that you can stick to. If exercise is what's holding you back, pick an activity that you find fun. It can be taking dance lessons, getting a dance/exercise DVD, or just blasting music in your house and dancing when no one's looking :p Cut out the junk and the refined carbs, stick to whole grains, lean meats, low fat dairy, fruits, nuts, veggies. legumes, natural nut butters, etc. and you'll soon reach your goals :nuts:
  7. Sorry, I understand as the same thing has befallen me but it happened slowly over a few winters. I am slowly fighting back!! Changing my diet and starting move more. Good luck!