Feeling Blue

  1. I've suddenly developed a craving for a blue bag.

    Normally, I carry black....sometimes brown (especially in the fall) depending on what I am wearing.

    But now I am convinced I "need" a blue bag. Maybe something in indigo or teal?

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I don't want to spend a ton of money as - most likely - this could just be a passing fancy. :wtf:

    But if anyone has a blue bag they adore or have seen anything cute in blue around....I'd appreciate suggestions. So far, I haven't found anything with the right combination of color and cuteness. :shrugs:

    Thanks, ladies!! :flowers:
  2. I have the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag in blue patent and it really goes with EVERYTHING but I also have a Balenciaga Twiggy in ink and that too goes wtih everything.. blue is much more neutral than I ever imagined.. I cannot say enough great things about a blue bag this season..
  3. I am in the mood for blue, too!!! I have been trying to decide for some time though, on the right shade...I wear jeans to work often so don't want it to be too close to a denim blue, so am thinking teal...but is teal as neutral as others? Am heavily considering this Bulga (would this work for you, Leah411?)
    BULGA Medium Butterfly Studded Tote in Satin Blue at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping!
    I'm not sure... does it have enough of a punch?
  4. Botkier Bianca in the indigo color=)
  5. balenciaga has lot of varities of blues...
    check this atelier.naff for the colors or visit the balenciaga sub-forum :P
  6. Thanks seahorseinstripes...I do read that forum often- a Balenciaga (but grenat city) is my dream bag:love: but out of my price range for now...ah well :smile:
    Did you decide on a blue bag, Leah411?
  7. Here is my favorite, "reasonably priced" blue. I want this bag, but I want many bags. Hayden Harnett also make a cool belted clutch with a blue kimono insert. I love this one the best, though.