Feeling blah about LV...

  1. Is it just me or is there anyone else that is feeling blah about LV ?

    Today I had a salon appt, was not about to take my mini lin :wtf: Just in case there was an Ooops. anyway I just took on of my cheap bags, this way there are no issues. The bag I carried is similar to the B-bag (aldo version) anyway I just couldnt help but enjoy the style to the point that I started thinking about returning my mini lin :sad: and buying a b-bag.:wtf:

    What is wrong with me...:shrugs:
  2. It might be that you read that scary story about the CB papillon at the salon yesterday, the poor girl!

    But yeah, sometimes I get into an LV lull where i'd rather carry my Gucci or something else instead. But usually it's just for a day and then i'm back in love with my LV!
  3. Hmm I get that too. Fortunately I haven't been sucked into the B-bag world yet. I almost did!! PHEW. I have been feeling like that towards my LVs lately. BLAH, like nothing special. 3 out of 5 women probably have some kind of LV-fake or real. Luckily I only have 3 pieces and I can stop myself there. Now, Chanel is a waaay different story. I am obsessed with Chanel. Cant see when I'll stop.
  4. Oh yeah, and please don't return the mini lin! LV always stays classic, but Balenciaga is sooo obviously a trend that will be over any minute. Please stick with your gorgeous mini lin!
  5. There is nothing wrong with you. Maybe you've outgrown/overused LV styles that you have and it's time to move on to something else.:push:
  6. Oh maybe you are in a phase, that will past! I bet there will be a new LV bag, that pulls you back into LV. But I see nothing wrong in buying another brand! I think Balenciagas are hot too! iF I had the money I would so buy one!
  7. I've lost that "lovin feelin" ...

    I completely understand the feeling.

    I was sooo into LV and now .....nothin.
    I have awesome bags, great styles but seems I'm more into my Jimmy choo bags and obsessive about Chanels (since I found this forum)
    Hope the love comes back.
  8. Maybe a Kelly or a Birkin??? ;)
  9. This might make you feel better..the bbags are not made like they used to be, I have returned 3, yeah 3 in the past month..they were brand new straight from Balenciaga and they leather sucked!! I ended up selling the most gorgeous one on eBay because it was too big but if you hop over to the bbag section, people are complaining about tassles, scuff marks etc. I ordered the mini lin but returned it for a Damier speedy instead (remember I was having issued w/ the plastic NOT being on there, well I got over that!! I just really like the canvas better even though I think Mini Lin is stunning)
  10. Oh yeah Bbag lovers, I do think they are gorgeous..just not made like they used to be. I personally don't think they are worth 1k anymore..just my opinion:p :p
  11. Well even before I read that i wasnt going to take mini lin. The last time I took my noe, no big issue but i still would have been upset. But it dawned on me then, that maybe bring lv's to a salon isnt a good thing.
    Not sure what is :shrugs: maybe i'm just blah in general.
  12. I've been :drool: over b-bags for some time, just couldnt make hte jump. Hmm wonder if i'm ready now :shrugs:
    I think maybe its just the need for a plain bag. Yknow, no logo's.

  13. :smile: ok!
  14. You might be right :shrugs:. I think i'm going to let go of a few and use that to make a b-bag or other purchase. I'll consider letting bags go that i can replace.

    Maybe its the weather :sad:
  15. Maybe it's time to send those LVs on a holiday in the closet and venture into other temptations...