feeling better :)


C'est la vie!
Sep 20, 2007
Wellington, FL
Everything is starting to come together, thank god because I was about to have a nervous breakdown!!!!

I took my metallic/khaki ergo satchel to the boutique on Worth Avenue today forgetting they don't carry signature products. Oops, but the SA's looked at my bag and were like OMG! So they let me take the $398 credit, I don't know what I was going to get, but I've been eyeing the new legacy shoulder bag so I kept that in mind and wandered around the store. This boutique is by all the ritzy titzy's so of course they have all the exotics. They have a BEAUTIFUL ostrich large bleecker tote and an alligator large ergo tote. I loved them, just didn't love the $8300 price tag lol. But I narrowed it down to the patent Zoey in red or the gray or black legacy shoulder bag.

And I ended up getting.........

the shoulder bag!!! I love it!!! After realizing that I do not own a single black leather bag it was easy for me to decide.
(only stock photo right now sorry)

I also picked up a goodie for my RAOK buddy, and a Peace Sign charm for my 13 yr old cousin. When we were in Michigan my Fiance asked me to hold onto his wedding band (he wears it on his right hand for now) and I dropped it in their grass. So to motivate the kids to help me look for it I told them I'd give them 20 bucks and a Coach keychain lol Bribing works!!!! she found it in 2 mins haha.


Whale Tail!
Feb 27, 2006
Bay Area, California
wow, that's scary how your Fiance's wedding band was dropped!! he has a wedding band already? wearing it on the right and when you're married, then on the left? anyways, beside the point, lol, i'm glad the kids were able to find it...haha on bribing! i'm sure they love you for it.

beautiful purse btw!! isn't it fun walking into a coach store w/all those eye candy pieces that aren't affordable? lol, makes it even more fun huh?


Dona Nobis Pacem
Mar 29, 2007
I have seen that bag IRL and it's great. I am glad you were able to get something you love.


coach lovin' hippie
Dec 8, 2007
i saw your bag in macy*s today and it is really really nice. i hope it works out for you!!!! :smile:


Aug 12, 2007
Gorgeous black shoulder legacy. I saw the legacy irl last week when I was at the coach store. :drool: Black is my all time favorite color in bags. If I didn't already own 3 black coach bags I think I would have bought that one too.
Glad the kids found your fiances wedding band. That was a great motivator for them to find it.
Congrats and enjoy your new bag! :tup: