Feeling Balnourished ~ Help me decide!!!

  1. Here it comes again....I am craving another Twiggy. Something rich and deep for fall/winter (my fav time of the year). I have an 05 Caramel and an 05 Teal which are perfect for spring and summer. I have an 06 Truffle that I could use, but I'm really wanting something much more saturated, darker and distressed (very wrinkled and smooshed) but NO light veins...what is going to be my best bet? Cinnamon? Cafe? Black? (If Black I really prefer silver HW, so that would mean an older bag and those are so hard to come by...and I'm too impatient!) Opinions very much appreciated!! :yes:
  2. Hey Deb, I vote for cinnamon - dark , rich, yummy, very thick and chewy! I think it would go with anything and any color!!
  3. I say Cinnamon or Chocolate 05.....but if you're balnourished the choc. may be too long of a wait. The leather is quite yummy on those new cinnamons.
  4. Cinnamon.
  5. Now you know that I think you need a sassy red bag in your collection, however, can there be any dought about which rich dark shade after seeing this sucker?!?!?!? :confused1: Borrowed photo from Blessings - Hope that's ok!! Pure leather PERFECTION!!!!!! :sweatdrop:
  6. Another vote for Cinnamon! YUM! Think of how delicious that collection would be, with the Caramel and Truffle! :drool:
  7. I think you should get the Cinnamon now and keep searching for the Black with SH :tup:
  8. i say cinnamon--but i'm biased!;)
  9. I say SIENNA! Did you see tooshies? It's an amazing rich and smooth color. Yum.
  10. I vote for cinnamon too! saw a delish pic of it here froma PFer! it looks soooooo gorgeous!
  11. Hi Deb where have you been hiding girlie? I missed you. :heart:
    Out of those three choices i would pick Cafe if you can fine one. :tup:I hope you decide soon, so i can see pics of your smiley face again.:heart: Good luck!:smile:
  12. I'm with Lordguinny- Sienna is gorgeous! I have one on the way and I'm counting down the minutes.. check out Tooshies.. you will salivate!
  13. I'm thinking I saw a couple bags with silver hw on eBay quite recently. You might find a great one for fall!
  14. Hmmmm....sounds like Cinnamon is a definite fav so far. Thanks for the input everyone! :tup:
  15. Hey Debsmith:smile:

    Just responded to you in the other post by the way...

    I am going against the grain and vote for Cafe. I love Cafe, so rich and yummy. Plus I hear that is Paolo's favourite colour LOL:roflmfao::roflmfao: