feeling about posting your LV's.....

  1. Is it just me :confused1: .....or is anyone else hesitant about posting photos of his/her collection for the simple reason - what if someone I know saw me on this site?

    Or from my collection they could easily tell it was me?

    I would love to post photos of my LV, Gucci and Burberry collection (on each thread)...but I am one of those individuals would be be concerned that if someone saw my collection they could tell it was me and would think I was weird!!

    ...Is it just me or does anyone else feel this way :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    The reason I ask...I know there was a thread about people wondering if they actually owned a LV b/c they never post any photos.

    ....okay, with that said....just curious about your thoughts on this topic....:supacool:
  2. I'm not proficient in picture taking and getting them onto the computer so I don't do it very much.
    When I got my first and only LV this past Christmas, my husband took my pictures and loaded to the site for me.
    I don't worry about people who know me seeing me on here. I'm the only bag freak in my group.
  3. no. i loved taking pics of my collection. in fact i was looking at the pics agin this am. makes me happy :love:
  4. How would someone know it was you? Do you have a picture of your face on here? If they did know, it was you. Why would they think you were weird? You're on the purse forum with other people who love purses. Including whoever saw you.
  5. Yea....why should I care? You all have made some valid points ~ guess I should just bite the bullet and post some photos of my LV collection!!
  6. Personally i don't worry about posting pix or if my family/friends know my identity from the pix/thread i post, it's not like i was buffing or being caught on a FAKE LV forum, then it'd be another story ^_<
    But i am sure there are some TPFers who don't post pix much, b/c they aren't familar w/DC, watermark, down size pix, or just a hazard to post a pic for entire collection-you know, boxes, tags, dustbags everwhere.....
  7. they would have to be on here too so they would be just as "quilty" as me lol
  8. I don't post everything, but to be honest that is because sometimes I am just to lazy to do all the pictures and uploading. If I take them while I am still in the rush of buying them, then they tend to get posted, if they have been sitting around, then they don't.
  9. ITA!
  10. I just haven't gotten all of my bags together for nice pictures - and the last time I did, my husband FREAKED about my bag collection. He didn't realize exactly how many I had until I got them all out of the closet at one time. One a day even when they are all different isn't a shock - 50 or so at once, well..... it was a bit much for him to take in. Maybe I can get him out of the house for a bit.

    He knows, he just doesn't KNOW he knows.
  11. I don't care. I am not embarrassed to be a member of this board. Even if somebody IDs me as me, who cares.:shrugs:
  12. Obviously that is me in the picture so there could be someone on here that knows me. The only thing is I KNOW that no one I am close to is as obsessive about bags as me.....and all my friends and relatives know about me and my fanatical bag hobby. I don't care about being anonymous here. As far as my collection goes.....I don't have a great one yet (thought I did until I came here!!). I have posted my little speedy once when I got her though. I wouldn't worry if I were you...unless the FBI is after you. :supacool:
  13. That's me right there! I'm too lazy to post all my pics. It's so much work and when I'm home I don't want to work anymore than I do at my job.
  14. I think it's fun to share my collection with other purse enthusiasts, and I wouldn't mind if someone I knew stumbled onto this site and saw my pictures. If they were browsing on this site in the first place, they must have the same obsession for handbags.. just like us! :graucho:
  15. I don't mind posting pics at all. I enjoy seeing other people collections or pictures and I think it's just fair for me to share too.
    I just sometime don't get it when people said they don't want to post any pics of the bags they claim they have for privacy reason. The person doesn't want to post the picture of the bag but have the picture of her or the child or with the child in the avatar :confused1: .
    Some people claim have this bag and that bag but when people said they love to see the pics they said sorry posting pics isn't my things..to be honest I just don't take her thread seriously no more.Seeing is believeing. It's online board for people who loves purses and we enjoy to see eye candy, it is what makes it fun for everyone.