Feeling a little under the weather lately, in comes retail therapy! REVEAL!

  1. I am in quite a bad health rut lately and finally got out of the house today. One of the first things I did was to pop into the local boutique, I couldn't keep my mind off the Roseau range that has the cute little bamboo feature on it. I was looking for something that has a little "bamboo" on it that I could buy and I spent a long time searching for the perfect piece. Finally got this little beauty that I feel is real classy. Also got the matching wristlet but in pink! Can't wait to bring this bag in to work next week!

    I am also happy to hear that the Longchamp does bring in seasonal designs with the bamboo feature. Does anyone like this as much?

    Oh, does anyone have this bag with the long shoulder straps? Please share pictures of you carrying it if you do! Thinking if I should get this with the longer straps. Personally I think the shorter straps do a different look to it. More elegant, fresh and young. But the long straps are useful!

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  2. Gorgeous duo!
    I hope you're feeling all better soon.
  3. What a pretty pair! I do agree on the handles - they look better short but long ones are more useful. Let's hope you get to enjoy your new bag in good health ASAP!
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  4. Congratulations on your pretty Roseau! :smile: I bought a Roseau Croco tote last season, and I agree that the short handles look more elegant. The Roseau is a classic line, but Longchamp releases several new styles and colors each season. Check them out on longchamp.com.
  5. I think the pink wristlet will contrast beautifully against the Misty Blue inside of your Navy Roseau :biggrin: Glad you are feeling better and carry your new items in good health!
  6. I am new to this line. I am surprised there isn't a clubhouse for this! I would love to see more pics of this line being carried. :smile:
  7. Thank you. I hope to fully recover soon!
  8. I've been carrying it at home lol and I do think I'd keep this instead of exchanging it for the version with long handles. :smile:
  9. Took a pic of the bag in daylight. 20170226_170005.jpeg
  10. With wristlet. 20170226_170300.jpeg
  11. Congrats, I like it a lot especially with the short handles. And get well soon.
  12. I originally bought this bag with shorter handle but exchanged it with a longer one. I couldn't be happier. It's more useful because I can free up my hands easily. I also love the leather of this bag. My dh once squeezed it inside the tire compartment in our car and the bag still came out standing tall, no scratch at all. This is a very good and hardy tote bag. I don't understand why there are not that many longchamp lovers using it.
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  14. Wow, that's cool! I hope more will take noticr of the Roseau line! It is simply classic! :smile:
  15. Plenty of women all over the world love their Roseau bags! :yes: The Roseau line has been around for nearly 25 years and it is truly a Longchamp classic. I regularly see all sorts of Roseaus, vintage and newer versions, when I look around instagram.
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