Feeling a little guilty about a half.com transaction!

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  1. I purchased a book on half.com that was described as in "good" condition (according to half.com's criteria) and when I received it, it was in much worse condition. The book was SUPER cheap- the shipping cost more than the book!- so I didn't really want to make a big deal out of it with a SNAD (it would not be worth it with shipping, packing, going to the post office, etc.).

    However, I felt that the disparity between the discription and the item were enough to at least contact the seller and let them know that there was a problem before leaving feedback (I probably would have left a neutral).

    I sent the seller this message:

    Dear x,

    I recently received order #xxxxxxxx- xxxxx by xxxxx. Unfortunately, the book, which was described as in "good" condition with no further clarification, does not fit this criteria. It has blue highlighting of entire paragraphs, part of the cover on the binding is torn off, as well as other staining/creasing/damage. Highlighting is specifically excluded from the half.com definition of an item in "good condition". If I had known the true condition of the item, I would have considered buying from a different source.
    Thank you,


    That was a few days ago, and I never received a message back. Today, though, I got an email saying that I was issued a full refund, including shipping!

    I feel bad because I got the book for free! Yes, it was SNAD, but I should not have the money and the item. I would send it back, but like I said, the $ lost on shipping, packing, etc. make it not worth doing. By sending a message to the seller, I was just expect a partial refund or an explanation I suppose.
  2. One of the few things in life that is free. Take it and be happy. I would write a profuse note of thanks to the seller however and perhaps shop with them again?? (of course finding out the actual condition of the book BEFORE you bid):yes:
  3. perhaps the seller knew s/he didn't accurately describe the book and felt guilty and that's why the refund was issue.
  4. I see your point; however, what did you expect? What was the purpose of your letter? You must have had some sort of expectation as to what the seller would do, but you did not state it, so the seller is left to either guess what it is that you want. Did you just want the seller to say "I'm sorry?" Would that have been enough? Most of the time, it isn't. Experienced sellers often see this type of letter--in which the buyer states there's a problem with the item but does not ask for what she/he wants as a result--as buyers' passive-aggressive way to ask for a refund.
  5. ^^ I agree. I guess if you feel guilty, maybe you could send back some of their money?
  6. ^^^^ I agree with them too. Since the money is in your hands and it would be time consuming and worthless to send the money back, even if it may be the right thing to do, I think it's time to just keep the money and let this be an experience to learn from when buying online or contacting the seller first. Good luck on future purchases and at least you have a book to use and that is hopefully legible! :heart:
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    I actually was in the process of just leaving neutral feedback-- ebay reminds buyers to contact the seller before doing so. That's when I wrote the note to the seller. If they had said something along the lines of "I'm sorry; it was an oversight & an honest mistake" or had offered a partial refund, I would have been satisfied. If it had been a larger amount of $$, I would have asked for a partial refund. If they had not responded at all, I would have left a neutral.

    I was just a little annoyed by lack of accuracy in the description (half.com purposely makes it simple for buyers/sellers by creating guidelines for New/Like New/Very Good/Good/Acceptable and allowing sellers to list just using these terms). Regular books (not textbooks) are actually not supposed to be sold on half.com if highlighted in, so I wouldn't even be able to resell it!! I guess my note was a way to give the seller a last chance to correct things. I've now written them a thank you email & given positive feedback.
  8. ^ You have every right to be disappointed. It is lame and unfair to buyers when sellers misrepresent the condition of their items. I didn't realize you had the option to leave feedback (sorry, I've never used half.com). So your letter gave the seller a chance to make it up to you, or not. The refund without demanding the book back is the best response financially speaking. But I, too, would be annoyed that this seller basically misled the buyer (you) into buying a book that was not supposed to be highlighted. Is this a powerseller, or a small seller? If it's a big seller, there's no doubt in my mind he/she has done this before. I wouldn't have blamed you for giving a Neutral in this case, or a Pos with a comment about the book's condition. Hope you have better luck next t time.
  9. I would have written to them about how disappointed I was as well, but the fact they refunded you was a nice gesture on their part. I would email them and thank them for the refund, maybe ask if they want the book back? LoL I know it would be pointless considering it costs more to ship but its what I would do. They would most likely say no.