Feeling a little anxious . . . .

  1. My parents have often said how but they admire the fact that I manage to go to work from 7 AM to 3 PM and still be able to attend classes every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

    What they don't know is that I manage by budgeting myself three personal days for each class. (If I get really sick, that counts as one of them.) I don't just skip the class, I do the teacher a courtesy and tell her why I couldn't make the class. That way it's not an excused absence.

    And I only budget if my grades are good enough in the class and so far they have been.

    I'm done with the Thursday night one and have two weeks left of the Monday and Wednesday one.

    Here's the thing:

    Just before I broke my arm, I used up all my personal days for the Monday and Wednesday class. The Monday before I broke my arm was when I told myself I was just going to buckle down and finish the thing. . . . . . then I broke my arm that Wednesday, so obviously I couldn't go to class.

    I told her I broke my arm and asked her if there was a way I could make up the work while I was at home.

    The maddening thing is, the teacher hasn't responded to either of my e-mails, and this is a teacher who's really good about stuff like that.

    I did leave a message with the head of the Continuing Education Department.

    When I go back to class (when it resumes in January) I'm going to bring the doctor's note, and I can show her the e-mails I've sent.

    I'm prepared to take a drop in my grade if need be but I really don't want to get an incomplete in the class.
  2. It sounds like you've covered your bases. Have you also tried calling the teacher (since she hasn't responded to your emails)? In the end if you had to miss class because of your injury, and have made attempts to keep up with the class, I doubt she could hold it against you.

    Working AND going to school is tough, you should be proud of yourself!
  3. Thanks.

    In terms of calling her, I couldn't find her number. Because it's Continuing Education, her name isn't with the other faculty's names.
  4. If you have proper documentation and you've done ALL your assignments and gotten good grades, they cannot give you a bad grade. At least that's how it worked when I was in school :shrugs:
  5. The thing that worries me is that part of my grade is based on attendance.

    It's a class that requires special equipment, which means it's the kind of thing I can only do in class.

    Without getting into it, I do have ways of completing what's required, so the only thing that does worry me is the attendance.
  6. The instructor is probably away on a break and not checking emails or messages. You sound so very conscientious, Caitlin, that I can't imagine there being a problem making up the work or getting a grade reduction.

    Good for you managing to work, attend school, have a life, and still have time for your friends here on tPF! This is OT, but good time management skills will take you far. Any employer will be lucky to have you when you finish schooling.
  7. It's a really hectic time of year right now and I know a lot of people who do not answer their e-mails during off-business hours.

    This is why I never ever call out or took any time from my classes... because you never know when you will need the days for when you're really sick or if there's a problem.
  8. UPDATE:

    All that worrying was for naught.

    She was prepared to give me an incomplete but that was only because she wasn't sure I was well enough to type with everyone else. (If that happened, I would have scheduled a Saturday to come in and take the test).

    I told her I appreciated that, but I was fine and I wanted to finish with everyone else.

    Today, my grade for the class came in the mailbox and I got an A.

    (If there was a "phew" smiley, I would have added it here.)