Feeling a bit unsure about Cloudy Bowler...

  1. I was so excited when I brought cloudy bowler home...

    I almost used her today but... I have a lightweight linen jacket on and she did not lay as nice on the shoulder as I wanted her to and she made my jacket bunch up a bit and she is a bit of a balloon...

    By balloon I mean I had to open the zipper a bit and squish her to get some of the air out... Not sure what to do... I saw the black bowler at Chanel SCP, but I have to say...I still prefer the beige in the bowler style...

    Her handles are a bit too long to wear her on the arm but I am not sure if she will be as functional as I would like... Well, I could wear her with sweaters in the fall/winter, but I am not so sure about jackets now...

    Ugh! I love her, but... Keep her and work with her or return her as there is always another bag???

    Love...color, style, lightweight leather...

    Do not love...length of shoulder straps for jackets, balloon effect...
    Chanel 002.jpg
  2. SoCal, do not keep anything you're that unsure of! Would one of the tote styles suit you better when they arrrive to the store?
  3. She's gorgeous but doesn't sound like she's the right fit for you.
    It's okay. . . someone else will adopt her and give her a loving home ;)LOL!
    I know you love it, but it needs to be perfection!
  4. I had HUGE problems w/ the fit when I tried it on in Saks on Friday..... I understand your frustration... there are 2 OTHER tote styles in the cloudy PLUS the east/west version... so if you want one.. there are other options!!
  5. Hmm...that's tough if you love the bag but don't necessarily love it on. Have you tried it out with different outfits? Sometimes, I love something at the store, feel eh about it on the first couple times out, but finally find an outfit that totally works. So before I return stuff, I always try them on with different outfits at home.

    But then again, even if you return it, there will ALWAYS be another bag that will catch your eye.
  6. Agree! the leather on that bag looks gorgeous! Perhaps another style in that ligne would work??
  7. If you are uncomfortable with it - you should definately return or exchange it.
  8. If you are not 100% loving it, I would return it for a bag that you love!
  9. I agree if its not working for you return it. There are many beautiful Chanel bags that are rolling out in the f/w season.
  10. socal, try it on with more outfit and see if it really just doesn't fit you well.....you can return it if it all fails

    speaking about return, I am a little bit pissed today when I got a letter from NM, their "Refund control" dept. said that I returned too many stuff so my account is being monitored for future returns and and the return rate didn't decrease they will close my account, WT:censor: :censor: ???

    In Nm most of the time I buy chanel bags. And 1st of all the last 2 returns had to do with my two lost packages!!! It was NM's fault that they didn't require a signature and create this hassel for me....then I am thinking, if your store has no return restriction, you allow your customer to return things they don't like without a time limit, then what;s up with this letter now??? I rather you come up with some more restriction about return instead of letting us return things we don't like then send me the warning letter?!?! Besides, sometime you just don't know about these bags until you go home and try them on like what Socal experiences today. I am just so disappointed with NM, with all their customer services and now the refund control thing that after I eventually see the 2 refunds on my account for the 2 lost bags, I am going to close the account MYSELF!!
  11. I agree, I tried it on too but it just was not comfortable. If your are not totally happy, return it and I am sure you will replace it with something you will really love and use.
  12. I didn't know NM has problem with customers' return. But when I was younger like 8 years ago I shopped a lot at Macys at the teenager department. I will buy a few items everytime to try at home and discuss with my friends and sister to see which was better and returned the rest. After awhile, I think the SA recognized me always returning and she said something like, "why I don't try them on in store and Macys was suspicious about my activities", blah blah and she spent a long time inspecting the items which still have the price tags on. The clothings might be wrinkled after trying on but I could not wear something out with a price tag on my back or on my sleeve.
    SInce then I stopped shopping from Macys, plus the macys here is not even a good one, but i was young at that time. Now I only buy home stuff from them.
  13. ^ i didn't know they have a problem either because they never have a policy warning customers about it!!
  14. hey SoCal
    sounds like you're having problems with your new CHANEL :crybaby: i'm really sorry! because i totally agree - shes a beauty!!!
    IMO if this problems annoy you now, they'll annoy you for the rest of your time while you'll have her... maybe search for a new CHANEL piece and find this ONE a new home!
    good luck!
  15. I buy and return a lot to NM. I just returned two Chloe bags to their online store. NM should "get" that customers often do charge-sends because they don't live near a store, or if they do, the store might not have the items the customer wants. If NM sends me a letter like that I will gladly close the account on my own! They make plenty of interest off customers who buy and return, since many milk the lenient policy and don't return purchases until months later. Not everyone can afford to pay their bills in full at the end of the month. I wonder if NM takes the interest into consideration when sending out these letters? Surely they would be stupid to mess with those customers!