Feeling a bit frustrated...

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  1. i listed one of my bags on ebay, have someone who is interested but wanted to have it authenticated by my poupette and now my poupette is saying that my bag does not appear to be authentic. the potential buyer seems very serious and has asked for additional pics, which i have provided, and i don't have any frustration towards her (i would want to be 100% sure of authenticity as well) but i just feel a bit :hysteric: since i know the bag is real. i'm hoping that the additional photos will help and the sale will go through. just needed to rant a bit. anyone else experience this?
  2. How do you know the bag is real, did you buy it at Elux or the store? Do you have the receipt?

    You can also post the pics at the authenticate this and we´ll see if it´s real.
  3. yeah, get it authenticated here~
  4. Definitely have it authenticated here. Then you'll have a pretty exact list of what is right or wrong with the bag. But also like Nola said, where did you get it?
  5. that was going to be my question.:confused1:
  6. What bag is it? (The name of it not your ebay link) What was it about it that made MP say it wasn't authentic?
  7. well....hope it works out for u :smile:
  8. Oh no, I can understand how frustrating it must be to have an authentic bag deemed fake. Could you provide a receipt to the buyer perhaps?
  9. I've heard them make mistakes with authenticating fakes, but not with authentics and deeming them fake. Did you get the bag from a direct source (boutique/elux)?
  10. Oh no...like everyone else asked...where did you buy your bag from? I hope this all works out for you!
  11. Yes, where did you get it? If it's from Elux or a boutique and you have a receipt (alllways keep them lol), and they authenticate it here, then it hould be fine. Everyone here is so knowledgable and sweet and kind...the total opposite of many other forums or authentication sites. I would def. trust here and here only.

    This brings up a similar interest in me too. I know this is crazy, but I have never sold on Ebay, ever. I hardly ever sold anything myself in my life! (except to my best friends who are 10 min from me). I'm wanting to try ebay and sell a few bags and I'm nervous as hell, but I think as long as you have all the right stuff and authentications, it should be ok :shrugs:

    Oh, well, good luck!!!!!!:yes:
  12. hi, thanks for all the support!

    i guess i should have been more clear in my original post. i bought the bag at an lv boutique here in vancouver so i know it's real and i do have the receipt, which i've emailed to the buyer as well.

    i was just feeling a bit "ARGH" because i know it's real but my poupette said it wasn't (?). apparently they said the "liner was wrong" (i'm assuming they mean the lining) so i sent more pics and told her the lining is textile just incase it might look different in the photos.

    the bag is an epi mandara pm.

    i love this forum. you guys are great!
  13. well in any case be careful bc alot of buyers on ebay run scams too
  14. i heard that mypoupette is partial to sellers who pay $45 membership and will rate those as real more often than non-members of mpoupette....all about the $?
  15. They have bee known to make mistakes, they did with me. I took it to lv and the manager authenticated it to be the real deal.
    What a waste of not only 5$ that i didnt get back but having the stress that it wasnt real.