Feeling a bit frustrated...advice???

  1. I had a successful transaction where I sold a LV handbag. The buyer had tons of questions beforehand, asked for lots more pics, etc... I answered all the questions, send all the pics she requested, and shipped immediately when she paid (via express shipping). Problem....when I took the pics for the auction, I had the bag photo'd on a random LV dustcover, because I could not find the original dustcover. Before I shipped though, I found the original dustcover, and was excited....so shipped the bag in the original dustcover to the buyer. I just got an e-mail saying that she wants the dustcover pictured in the auction, because the one that I sent her was fake. Well...it's not! It is an older style bag(from 2001), and has the flannel feeling dustbag. The one that was in the pic from the auction is the newer style, but not the right size for the bag. Anyway, I told her that I would ship her the other one no problem, but that the one that I sent her IS the one that came with the bag, and that it is not a fake. She replied, that she wanted to contact me before she left me negative feedback:shrugs: . I am baffled...negative feedback??? I sent her an authentic bag, answered all questions, sent extra pics, and mailed quickly...did everything right!! How does one even think of leaving a negative for that kind of service???? Anyway, I suppose that I am just complaining...but I know the dustbag that she has is the correct one for the bag that she bought,AND it is real! Is it ridiculous for me to feel bad??
  2. She sounds completely unreasonable to me and I'd chalk it up to inexperience or being super paranoid about buying a fake off eBay. Is there any way you can demonstrate to her that the older dust bag *is* real? I would make sure she knows that you are letting her have BOTH dustbags and find whatever way you can to prove that the first one is real, then ask her what she needs you to do to make her a happy customer because you've done everything you could and all the items are authentic.
  3. What's pictured in the auction is what this bidder expected...you changed things up & threw her off. I'd send it to her and make her happy, even though it isn't the original.

    It sucks when buyers use feedback to threaten sellers, but goes with the territory.

    Good luck with this, try to remain kool & pray you never have another irrational bidder!
  4. You have been a totally responsive seller, and even offered to send her the too-small dust bag to ease her mind... and she STILL wants to neg you? That's just unreasonable!!
  5. well I reckon she meant that she wanted to get in touch with you, rather than just leave feedback.
    i know she is a bit off but hey, assume she reads posts on a forum like this, and people start to get more stressed. we all have read the stories where we see one thing on the pic and another gets sent etc - I know this isn't what you did but I am just trying to explain her side. maybe she doesn't know LV that well, so she doesn't know.

    I reckon you are a great seller by offering her the other dustbag - actually, I never take pics of dustbags etc so this can't happen. people get so paranoid now (and I am one of them... having been burned a few times now...).

    hopefully your next buyer will be a bit more relaxed.
  6. annemerrick: I am realizing that eBay is full of idiots. Negative feedback is getting a fact of eBay life. I check now to see what the neg feedback is, when looking at a seller. I check the sellers reply to the feedback, and most times it is the buyers ignorance in regards to what they bought.

    so I wouldn't let a neg feedback sit too badly with you. just post a reply to it and informed buyers shouldn't be bothered by it.
  7. ditto to the wise comments above
    I would say add her to blocked list once its sorted also
    You just dont need this negative blackmail its horrible especially when you work so hard to put everything right
    they think they have all the power and in a way I guess they do
    but you can take some of that back by adding her to your blocked list
  8. It would totally PO me. Sorry this happened to you!
  9. So many ebay lessons are learned the hard way. :sad: You did nothing wrong, although I agree that sending her something other than what was in the picture wasn't the best thing to do. Hopefully she will listen to and understand your explanation. And yes, if she insists on the bag in the pic, send it to her. See if she'll send you the other one back!
  10. Thanks guys...I never even though twice about the dustbag...I was just happy that she was going to get the original!!! She just told me that "it wasn't a negative...just a neutral(which is almost as bad)". I have told her that would send the one pictured, but to please keep the first one that I sent as it is the original, and at some time she may like to have it. I am just bumfuzzled as so why you would threaten a neg or neutral when your seller has done everything possible to help!!!
  11. that's unreasonable, imo. but i guess she really wanted the dustbag you had in the auction!