Feeling a bit down, need virtual tlc...

  1. Hi ladies,

    Let me start off by saying that I am grateful for everything I have. Thank God I have a job, a loving Family, great friends and a Birkin for the first time at the ripe old age of 37 (well, not for too long!) So the fact that I feel down is completely due to a superficial reason (sorry, :shrugs:, but what can I say - I do...)

    I bought my second ever H bag, a blue jean Evelyne GM very recently. I love that bag and you wouldn't believe how much attention (and not necessarily the good kind, quite a lot of the bad, jealous kind) it has attracted. The style is very functional and I have been in love with the bj colour for many years. If I weren't a banker, my first Birkin would have been blue jean, not black.

    I got the evelyne to itch my blue jean scratch, if you remember. I still cannot stop dreaming about a bj birkin with gold hardware, though. It's like a fixation that wouldn't go away. I really really do want one, but I cannot afford to buy so many H bags in such a short period of time and have already ordered a 35cm etoupe Kelly for the February podium (another great work bag for me). Still, I am dying for a bj with gh... Should I have saved the evelyne money towards another Birkin I wonder - but the evelyne is a great bag, great value, so functional and I love it too. I know I can order one after I get the Kelly sometime in the second half of next year, but I simply cannot feel a bit angry with myself for still aching for that bag after getting the bj evelyne.

    I know this is a completely superficial thing to feel a bit down about, but this is the only group where I can share my H-related woes and not be afraid that I'll be judged. Thanks for reading.:heart:
  2. Wow, I have been there! Let me give you some advice that some of our dear members gave me. If your first love is really a blue jean birkin, then that is what you ought to get, even if that means selling your Evelyne. I say this because I know first hand that no matter what bag you buy in the meantime before you get THE ONE, you are always going to want that BJ Birkin. Forget practicality, forget reason, and follow your heart. If it is really a BJ Birkin that you have always wanted, I would order that at Feb podium, and get the kelly later.
  3. AWWWW, honey, you vented to the right place. Remember the PF motto....Shallow obsessing strongly encouraged. For most of us, this is the only place we can whine about bags and share our true bag feelings!!


    Of course that grail birkin is still in your head and heart. Thats perfectly OK. The Evelyne is a completely different bag!!!

    You are wise to save for the bag you want, and truthfully, I know you will find more and more times when the evelyne is just the perfect grab and go bag, I am sure you have already. It is perfect for the movies, it can sit right next to you.....for example.

    You have a lot of Hermes in your future, and the time to your birkin will fly by. In the meantime, tie a scarf on your evelyne and give her a little rub!

    ETA: looks like jag and I posted at the same time, LOL. I do agree that your kelly purchase may be the one you want to postpone????
  4. ebruo,
    Sorry to hear you have the "bag blues" :sad:
    I have questioned myself about my last 2 H bag purchases, wondering if I should have put the money spent into a Birkin instead.
    I do love my Kelly and my Bolide, so I am sure I did the right thing.
    Wouldn't it be nice to have all the H bags we wanted!
    I hope your BJ Birkin dream will come true soon. Don't beat yourself up about feeling disappointed that you don't have it, I have felt a little like that lately too.
    I just love my H bags SO much and when there is one that I want, I tend to obsess about it. Hope you feel better soon!
  5. Awww E,
    There is noting wrong with feeling down. Sometimes your heart just knows what you REALLY want. I agree with Jag on getting what you really want and perhaps putting off the other Kelly purchase.
  6. Dearest Jag, Cobltblu, PennyD2911, and Japster thank you so much for making me feel not as guilty and sharing your wisdom.
  7. I say pass on the Kelly. Get that BJ Birkin, and sell the Evelyne THEN, if it justifies the purchase a bit more to you.

    I love Kelly but Birkin has been whispering in your ear so I say stop dreaming about her, hit the snooze button on Kelly, and wake up to a BJ Birkin reality!

    In the meantime cheer up young lady. Half of Hermes IS the wait and discovery. So you're halfway there!

    ((Virtual Hug))
  8. I totally understand how you feel. I get that way too when I just must have something and can't get my mind off of it. I agree with everyone that you may want to hold off on the Kelly, if it's a Birkin in bleu jean that you really want.

    If you are enjoying the Evelyne you might want to keep it, if you can. I've noticed that they don't hold their value as much as some bags and in the long run it may be cheaper to keep it rather than selling it and buying another one later on. And also, if you're going to pass on a Kelly, it'll be good to have at least one shoulder bag for those times when it's a must.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. You've come to the right place to share your feelings on this!!
  9. ebruo, second-guessing oneself is totally natural when it comes to Hermes bags. There are so many choices in types, colors, leathers, sizes. Sometimes we choose something and then decide it's time for something else--we've all done it! Now you know you really love and can use that color.
  10. Sorry you are feeling blue ebruno!

    It's very strange but I think Angelfish may be my long lost twin. We seem to agree on everything!!!!!! it's surreal.

    Go for the gold - the blue jean birkin! then sell your evelyne if you want to. or keep her! who says you can't have two blue jean bags? they are different styles. be wild and crazy (((sending cyber hugs to you)))
  11. ebruo: I've been there too so I know how you feel. If you really want the BJ Birkin with GH and it's your dream bag, go for it. You can wait for Kelly 35 or sell the BJ Evelyne. I think the BJ Birkin with GH suits you better than the Evelyne.

    There will always be another Kelly 35 or BJ evelyne popping up somewhere. So, cheer up! :lol:
  12. Ebruo ~ sorry you are feeling so low. Go for what you love - that BJ Birkin w/ gold h/w (yummy). You can always sell the evelyn or keep it for the more rough and tumble occasions.
  13. ebruo, I hope that you are feeling better. Since you said you liked the Evelyne, I'd keep it. I'd put off the Kelly purchase and keep on saving for your DREAM Birkin. :smile: Hugs. :smile: :heart:
  14. hugs

    if you already got the black birkin for work, why not hold off on the kelly (another great work bag you mentioned), and get what your heart desires??? nothing wrong with feeling down, bad, and a little guilty about feeling down...it's h afterall. it strikes almost all of us at one time or another.

    take care!
  15. Hope you are feeling better! I agree...go with what you love. But keep the Evelyne, it's a great bag! :tup: Maybe the Birkin and then the Kelly later?