Feelin' pink this christmas

  1. just when i was about to give up all hope on my local chanel (the only chanel in the country, no less!), i was pleasantly surprised when i was at the store a few days ago and met the loveliest SA there. it was a wonderful experience right from the start, she knew the bags well, brought out bags for me which she thought i'd like since she noticed that i was carrying my modern chain tote, and more than that, we just chatted about everything in general. needless to say, i'm just glad i found an SA in my local chanel who i can see myself going back to anytime.

    of course i couldn't walk away empty-handed so here is the first lil treat - pink crystal cc earrings from the cruise collection.


    but my story doesn't end here. whilst i was there picking out the earrings, i noticed that another SA was bringing out flap bags for another customer. i've been wanting something of that colour (must be my inner girlie) for some time now but had initially set my heart on the flaps from s/s 08. i didn't ask to see the flap though, and it haunted me over the weekend. i tried to distract myself with new clothes but you know how it is, every article of clothing you pick up just reminds you of just how well that new flap would complement the clothes.

    so succumb i did and even the monsoon season here with its relentless pouring rain couldn't stop me from getting to that dream flap. and by a funny twist of fate, the lovely SA i had chatted to was busy so instead another SA helped me - the twist being that she & i were doing the same module in school last semester! it was funny how i've never spoken to her the entire semester and we just chatted for the longest time in the store. funnier still was the fact that i recognised her name as one of the regular SAs that the girls on TPF would mention as their favourite SA.

    so i guess the happy ending here is that meeting these two SAs made me change my mind about the (usually) surly service i get at the local chanel, and more than that, being able to get that dream flap has sure planted some hope since i've been visiting the local chanel for a year now and have never managed to find anything i want that would still be in stock. so all in all, it's definitely looking up to be a very merry christmas. ;)


    now for the very slow unveiling...
    chanel 001.jpg chanel 005.jpg chanel 009.jpg chanel 033.jpg chanel 034.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

    now for a lil bit of a teaser

    oh wait, i think she's going to show some skin now
    chanel 036.jpg chanel 037.jpg chanel 038.jpg
  3. she may be a rose, she's not all that shy after all



    yup, she's a rose-pink lambskin flap from the cruise collection. it's a bit hard to capture her colour but i'd say she's a dusty rose-pink colour that's just slightly peachy. i'll try to get pictures of her under sunlight tomorrow if it doesn't rain again. :yes:
    chanel 040.jpg chanel 041.jpg chanel 042.jpg
  4. and lastly, my attempts at showing the different ways of wearing it. apologies about not being able to wear it messenger/across-the-body style - i'm too wide/fat for the bag to hang at a comfortable height. :p

    as a clutch of sorts


    the regular 2 chain strap version

    and in a single long strap
    chanel 049.jpg chanel 055.jpg chanel 045.jpg
  5. that bag is Lurrrrrrrrrrrrrvely!!!!!! and I adore that MC too
  6. I love that bag!!! :heart:
  7. I adore your new bag!!!

    Congratulations, its gorgeous :biggrin:
  8. I just posted in the Nov/Dec purchases thread, but I'll say it again - your flap is freakin gorgeous and I looooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love:
  9. oooh......love the bag. Congratulations.
  10. it's sooo cute! i saw it irl and absolutely love it, if only they have a large size! i love the piping flap too but my dad hates the piping LOL how ironic! anyway, did you get this in Singapore or...? ;)
  11. ^ LOL! shar you crack me up, and thanks so much for the lovely words!

    and thanks everyone, this is really the only place that i can share my new chanel joy with and have people understand how crazy excited i am. ;)

    chanelbaby - good eye about the silly mc tote in the background. that chair of mine is more like another storage space than a chair proper.

    ladydeluxe - i think they had a larger size in white? :confused1: i know i asked the SA if they had a larger size for the pink and she said they didn't, but i could have sworn i saw a larger size in pink when i first spotted it the other day when another customer asked about it. and like you, i love the piping, and yup, got this from singapore, just today! it was pouring and there weren't many people in store.
  12. Wow, beautiful bag!! Love the color, congrats, it looks fab on you!!!
  13. awww! are you a fellow local too? i know, the weather has been so so so bad! i was in town today to buy a new cell phone and the queue was terrible. there's a sticky on a local tpf gathering, but our 1st meeting failed b/c most were going away or couldn't make it due to other plans so i'm probably gonna set one up again.. and yes, you know SGD4600 can buy my reissue 227 LOL! chanel prices are just so crazy these days i swear!
  14. yup i am! just came back permanently this august and feeling a wee bit disorientated with how fast and how much things change around here. the weather has been just so awful, i can't believe it's just been raining relentlessly for days now. a local tpf gathering sounds fun, though i might be a bit shy to turn up :shame: since i'm a terrible conversationalist IRL. but it's really brilliant you're taking the time to organise one. :flowers:

    y'know i never realised it but that's just insane now that you mentioned the reissue 227 being the same price. at the rate things are going, i just hope there wouldn't be another price increase for the first half of next year at least!
  15. i saw it at the boutique too! and it has been on my mind since! but i have promised myself a reissure next yr so i have to force myself to say no to tis! its lovely of cos!