Feelin' insecure about my first LV (Eva Clutch)

  1. Hello dear fellow LV addicts :smile:

    Maybe you've noticed my very first LV reveal about the Eva Clutch about a week ago? :graucho: (http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/reveal-oh-my-god-i-am-just-so-763071.html

    But now I am a little insecure about it - well I cannot explain it very briefly but,
    when should I wear it? I am still a student, 19 years of age, and this is actually my very first real "expensive" bag. (I normally wear D&G bags)

    When do you girls wear it? Or would you only use it on special occasions or..? :smile:
  2. I normally use mine when shopping when I don't want to carry a lot of things or to dinner-basically anytime I don't feel like carrying a bunch of stuff. When you turn 21, you could definitely wear this bag out to clubs & such.

    Enjoy your bag.
  3. I don't have one, but I've thought of getting one for those times when you don't want to cart around a lot of junk ... like for an evening out.

    If I was about 20 years younger (okay, maybe more like 25), it would be a great clubbing purse.
  4. the great thing about the eva is that it can be worn with casual outfits/occasions or with something more dressy. i've seen women wear the eva with crossbody strap with jeans, and just go to the local cafe or movies. i've also seen people out with it for nicer dinners and such (with or without strap). it's so versatile, i think you should feel confident using it whenever the mood strikes! :yes:

    btw, i have the exact same eva clutch as you, and i absolutely love it. it's my only clutch and i don't want any other!
  5. I'm 18 and if I had an Eva clutch I'd probably carry it to go to the movies, shopping, lunch, dinner... I'd be a little more careful when taking it to a party or a club though, because drinks get spilled so easily and trust me - you don't want your purse to smell like beer for a week.
  6. I think you can dress the Eva up or down, so use it for shopping, days out when you don't need to carry a lot and also for evenings out. I see you have the bag in Damier so it's not going to be immediately obvious as LV to a lot of people, if that's what you're concerned about. It's a beautiful bag, enjoy it!
  7. You could wear her everyday. There is no right or wrong. If a purse fits your needs wear it. Saving things in the closet for special occasions is crazy.
  8. I got it when I was 18, I think. I use it as a casual bag for travelling and parties mostly. I have no problems taking it out for casual daily wear, but it's too small for my needs. I like the fact that its canvas and secure with the zipper so I feel safe carrying it out when I go to bars or clubs.
  9. I bought one when I was 19 and use it for shopping, dates, dinner and clubbing. It's super versatile :smile: enjoy using it!
  10. I don't use mine often. It's true you can dress it up or down. I've used mine w/ a cocktail dress out for drinks and dinner. Then casually out for movie date night!
    I have yet to use mine as a cross body!
  11. I have one .. I used it almost everyday
    Errands, theme park with kids, shopping
    movies, and dinner date with hubby :p
  12. I have one...it is one of the BEST purchase I have made:tup:
  13. Somehow Eva doesn't fit me very well the strap hits me at a weird spot, so I sold mine. But I was using it for shopping and outings
  14. The Eva can actually be worn casually, IMHO. You can also use it on more formal occasions.

    That's why I want to get it so much! :smile:

    You might be having misgivings initially (I felt the same with my ZCP and cles) but I think you'll be able to use it.
  15. Wear it all the time! go!