Feel too old to carry White MC Speedy

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  1. I love my LV White MC Speedy that I've had for awhile now, but I have decided I want to sell it because I feel too old to be carrying it now. I just turned 36 this year and I feel too old to be carrying this handbag now. Whenever I did carry it I always got compliments, because it has so many pinks and purples in it and has a beautiful patina. Has anyone else felt too old to carry their MC Speedy and gotten rid of theirs? I'm planning on selling it on ebay or have one of the great ebay resellers consign it for me. I've attached a picture of my MC Speedy.

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  2. Do you still love your bag as much as when you purchased it? If your answer is "yes" I would definitely keep it. I see that you live in CA and can imagine how beautiful your bag must look in the sunny weather!
    MC Speedy always makes me in a happy mood because of the lovely colors although it is a bag I never could pull of myself. You're never older than you feel and do not let so-called "age rules" stop you from using your wonderful bag for years to come.
    Have a nice day!
  3. its a lovely bag...:love: i love it...

    but if u dun FEEL it when u carry it..maybe its time to sell and get the ONE that calls out to ya and make ya SMILE when u see it..:yahoo: lot of gals will die ot have yr bag:P

    YIPPEE...i reach 4,000 post:yahoo: as i post this
  4. If you feel uncomfortable carrying it and/or you find you do not carry it anymore, then you should sell it and buy a "new treasure" to enjoy for the next several years. How do the handles look on your speedy, I ask for the handles were cut off on your photo? If you do decide to sell it, now is the time, upcoming Spring and Summer which is the time frame one gets the most for their white MCs.
  5. Thanks for all of your responses and great advice. Yes, I still love this handbag and feel it's very beautiful, but I haven't used it since last year and would like to buy another new LV handbag. I really like the Watercolor Speedy 35. I have attached another picture of my handbag so you can see the handles. The handbag is perfect condition with no stains or pen marks inside or outside of the bag. The handles have started to patina from carrying them, but I have kept my handbag in the original sleeperbag in my closet whenever I'm not using it.

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  6. wot a great bag! personally I love this bag! but I agree with the above comments if ur not comfy with it sell it and get a new baby!

    p.s 36 is not old at all!! :biggrin:
  7. I'm sorry you are not comfortable with your MC anymore. :sad:
    I just turned 37 and I purchased my MC Priscilla last October. I love her and I don't feel like I am "acting too young" at all! Seriously, as expensive as the MC line is, I don't believe that it is catering to a younger age, you know?
    Besides, just because I am getting older, it certainly doesn't mean that I hate pretty colors and just want to be all in neutrals. haha......
    This is just my opinion and I may be off my rocker, but I plan on carrying MC even when I am celebrating my 100th birthday! :smile:
  8. If you dont feel comfortable carrying it, then sell it. But I dont think theres an age limit to when you can stop carrying bag; its all about confidence IMO:smile:
  9. It is a beautiful bag but if you're starting to have doubts with this bag, then sell it and use that cash to get the new one that you love rather than having the bag sits in your closet. BTW....36 is not old at all ;)
  10. You are never too old. Too me the watercolor speedy is more of a younger trendy looking bag then the one you have. Yours has such beautiful color combinations. I would never give her up.
  11. i'm *almost* 34.....i still have my white MC speedy!

    i do think about getting rid of it time to time though.....but not because of my age factor, since i'm a packrat and last few times i carried her, this gorgeous bag gave me nice bruises on my arms!!!!

    enjoy the bag....it's really pretty!!! i wish i could carry it more often, but having a toddler (pre-schooler?!) and being pregnant makes it harder to carry hand-held bags!!!! =D
  12. keep it, its gorgeous! you are not too old.
  13. 36 is NOT old. Don't sell it if you will regret it. I would carry a mc speedy or a cerise speedy (if I could get one) and I am 44.
  14. It is a lovely bag and would go very well with not so young clothes- I am 35 and wouldn`t think twice to wear it. Think grey trousersuit, black trench, jeans, silk blouse little black jacket and high heels- and the bag would ad the special something!
  15. Aww, 36 is not old at all! You should definitely keep it if you love it, or sell it and get the watercolor speedy if you are feeling that bag more! LV knows no age! I think that is a really beautiful bag, and if I could get one, I would! :tup: