feel so unconfortable with this story

  1. Dear friends,there are some weeks ago,there was a Spy for sell,on eBay,seller's profil was really good,but I was sure the Spy was a fake.So sure that I've just posted one question about the leather in the authentification tread.So I decided to prevent the seller,'cause she could be ignorant of she was selling a fake,i noticed that I didn't doubt about her honesty and this bag must be a gift.
    She answered me:I really know Fendi,it's an authentic.
    I letted up.
    Today,don't know why so late(the bag was solded more than 600€,positive feedback)I've received another mail from her,she told me she was really angry,that I must verify before telling a seller her bag was a fake,her Spy was successfully authentify by Fendi.If I made a mistake,I must excuse myself.
    I swear:I just wanted to be nice.Now I feel so sad and guilty,I never wanted to be rude.
    Did I made an enormous mistake?I let you some pics to judge.
    3290_1_b.JPG 0da4_1_b.JPG 29c0_1_b.JPG e7af_1_b.JPG
  2. That is a fake bag. And Fendi doesn't authenticate anything.
  3. You're reassuring me,I was so sure,I feel really bad to be accused of being rude.
  4. I agree w/ BTBF ... I've seen a white spy IRL and that one is totally off in all aspects (ie. the leather, the length of the lipstick compartment and the shape).
  5. You are right. I personally have the white spy. There are a number of things wrong with this one because it is FAKE!

    ETA: Not even a very good fake!!
  6. Thanks for your advice,and you're right " even not a good fake":leather,unplaited portions of leather on lipstick case,but why does she send me a message,she has sold her bag quiet 2 weeks ago,I didn't anwer her first mail(2 weeks ago too)telling me she was sure it was authentic.I was really surprised when I've read this message this afternoon,why telling me I'm an ignorant???I just wanted she had no problem with her futur buyer(who leaved a positive feeback:rolleyes:) or eBay.I don't e-mail all fake's sellers(what a work!!!:lol:)it was the first time 'cause with such a positive profile,I was sure she was honest.
    From her opinion I should be ashamed to tell her her bag was a fake...
  7. Ditto on the fake. She's obvious a piece of work. I don't believe she was honest about Fendi authenticating either. Some people have no scruples. Hang in there! You were just trying to do the right thing! :heart:
  8. I think these sellers of fake bags are just plain sociopaths! Sick Sick Sick! There should be a special place in H**L for them~:cursing:

    Now for some entertainment eBay style, look at the beautiful bag & read the story:


    Since most PFers know their spy bags, the pricey Selleria is just as commonly faked FYI and the fakes are even more difficult to determine. But no question about it, this lady with 448 positive Feedbacks went all the way to Milan to purchase at "The Corner Shop" a 100% fake bag....she'll even give you the receipt! :roflmfao:

    I do find it hard to believe she finds the bag is not large enough :confused1: ..Its a humongous bag IRL - bigger than a spy, even my large spy IMO!

    For you authenticators: the serial number on the placque is not right & the imprinting on the bag is wrong in several places...;)
  9. wow... even comes with a fake Fendi shopping bag. not sure where the "tortuga" part comes in :confused1:
  10. I guess if you can throw around a couple grand for a pricey Fendi Selleria bag, you don't need to pay attention to the correct name for the leather...:roflmfao:
  11. haha, i think e-bay is becomming a JOKE!! i was suspended from e-bay for trying to sell an AUTHENTIC Bag, yet there are so so many obvious FAKES like these two! YUK.... and the lies to go along with them. hmmmm makes me wonder:shrugs:
  12. I listed an AUTHENTIC LV on ebay a few weeks ago and eBay freezed my account and I had to become paypal verified or something just so that I could change my listing or something. It was so frustrating cos I had to go through so much crap before getting my account unlocked.

    (by the way fendifan, correct me if I'm wrong, but good luck getting the chanel paris biarritz alligator tote, I don't think quarantine lets that kind of stuff in)
  13. The seller is angry probably because the winner realized it is a fake and refused to pay. So s/he is just taking it out on you. I wouldn't worry, seems like you have been proven correct that the bag in question is a fake.
  14. So sorry this seller has taken this out on you. I agree with rainrowan I bet thats what happen, she sold the bag then the buyer did not pay, perhaps someone even email the buyer telling her it was a fake, which I do not think anyone should do, but perhaps thats what happen and buyer back out and seller blamed you.
    Again so sorry this has happen to such a sweet person.
  15. Dear Friends,her buyer let her a positiv feedback:rolleyes:,that's why I don't understand why she e-mails me now,so late after the end of auction.WHY?To proove me she was a reliable seller,telling me she has no time and energy for selling fakes,she and her friends "have enough money" and go often on luxury shops(...not me???)to know what are the beautifull and real bags(...not me???),and there was nothing to say because her bag was authenticate as a real one by Fendi in the Galeries Lafayette.
    My husband watching me :wtf:,told me"you could proove her the earth is round,she would still believe it's flat!"
    I replied"...you should watch on TPF the marvellous collections of some members,read Guides I,II,III on Ebay.com or Ateliernaff.Then you'll know why I thought(and think!)your bag was a fake..."
    Anyway,thanks so much for your comfort!:heart: