Feel sad: all Mom wants are Uggs and now they're sold out everywhere

  1. Hi guys,

    My mom NEVER asks me for anything and whenever I buy her presents she never truly enjoys them becasue she's so hard to shop for... :sad:

    But I went home for Christmas and she saw me wearing my tall classic Uggs. She said she wanted to get a pair, also, and I told her I would buy them for her Christmas present because the only other presents I got were cheap little things...

    They're apparently sold out everywhere (even the slippers) I've checked... does anyone know if there's still a site that has the classic or ultra tall uggs? I don't want to go through eBay.

    Thanks very much.
  2. My sister bought me some from Dillards before Christmas in black. They may not have them online but you could possibly try calling some stores like Dillards and other places that would carry Uggs in the South (more likely to have them since its warmer down there..) They should be able to take your credit card over the phone and ship them to you or go to Nordstrom and ask them to check to see if another store has them. They did that for me a few months ago for some Kate Spade shoes when I was in Dallas and they found them in my size in their store in Ohio and had them shipped to me for free.
  3. Have you tried the UGG store in NYC? I'd give them a call :smile:
  4. I haven't been able to find Uggs online because they're all sold out. Do you have a Sports Authority near you? If so, I would call them and check. I bought 2 pairs on Saturday from Sports Authority. I was surprised because everywhere else I went didn't have them in stock.
  5. This site is pricey as it is from the UK however their items are authentic and most uggs are in stock - I have bought from them before xx
  6. Since you're in Chicago, you should try the Uggs store that opened on Rush. I walked by a few days ago and it looked like they still had stock. Good luck!
  7. I am such an idiot, I forgot the link lol

  8. Did you try Zappos? Believe it or not I found a pair of Ultra short Uggs on there last night and got them today! I'm not sure if they had the tall version (I was looking for shorts)

    What size does your mom wear? I saw some of the bigger sizes (11,12) in several different styles...
  9. You could try this site ... Canadian, but they ship to the US as well. I ordered my UGG boots from them a few months ago. Not sure if they have the style or colour you want, but thought I'd pass the link along ...

  10. Nordstrom site has TONS!
  11. I got lucky a week ago when I went to Nordstrom and found the Ultra boots in size 5 and size 6 in chocolate and chestnut. I went with the size 6 in chocolate because I thought the size 5 was snug. When I got home, I wore the boots for a couple of hours and decided that it was too big. I went back to try and get the size 5 the following day but they were all gone, I was so sad. I went and checked everywhere and can't find any. I was told that there was going to be a new shipment coming in on 2 Nordstrom stores yesterday. I called in the afternoon yesterday and guess what????? They were all sold out:cursing: that same morning. Ugh. I guess I'll just keep on trying.