Feel odd carrying D&B


Nov 1, 2006
My black D&B has been my staple bag since I bought it. I carry it with me everywhere.

My problem is this: I live in an area where people are quite well off. However, the majority of them are not showoffs. They have the expensive SUV and lots of land, but that's about it. The jackets are L.L Bean, the shoes are Dansko and the bags are Jansport or Timberland...or no-name black leather.

Carrying a D&B in this crowd seems to be awfully inappropriate. If I ever turned up with a mono LV I'd probably be snubbed.

Should I also look for a no-name black shoulder bag?

Different experiences in different situations..I felt odd on this forum because I used to feel that D&B was 'looked down upon' and now I feel unhappy carry a D&B because no-one I know does, and carrying a signature bag seems 'show-offy'.
I really think that a person can make almost any handbag fit almost any situation if you wear it confidently. I was in a really high-end mall yesterday where women commonly carry LV and Chanel. I saw a woman in her 50's or so carrying a fabric D&B logo bag, and she looked as high-end and fashionable as the rest - it was all in how she wore it. Likewise, I've seen people carrying LV monogram bags with casual outfits and look totally non-pretentious in settings where no one else had a name-brand bag.

But if you are really uncomfortable, D&B makes some fantastic plain leather bags. You might be more comfortable with one of those.
Sounds like a good excuse to buy a new D&B leather bag! Yeah!!! I agree though, wear what you like because in the long run you have to live with yourself and you have to want to carry the bag you choose! And it'd be crazy not to want to make friends with someone just because of their handbag! We all could use another friend! :yes:
D&B have some great AWL bags now that look really classy but as far as getting one just to fit in???
You'll never make everyone else happy so just worry about yourself. If someone would dare say anything I'd tell them they can tell me what bag to carry as soon as they start purchasing them for me.
The sedate Signature D&B's look very classy to me and not show offy at all where some of the Coaches with their Sig CC's look a little loud to me.
I'd go and look for a nice new plainer Dooney if you like them so much.
First of all:
Carry what you love! Trying to fit in is overrated!
-- couldn't agree more.

Having said that: my tastes also run on the organic side (read here: pick-up-truck and some kick-ass cowboy boots), and there are plenty of beautiful bags out there which can compliment this style quite unobtrusely - my current favorites are from Mulberry, although I can also appreciate a good all-weather-leather bag from D&B. Fyre bags (see my avatar), also remain a personal favorite.

If the people in your area aren't carrying "name" bags, they probably don't notice much what others are carrying. You may be concerned over nothing. Carry what you love and what works best for you, medhavini. (and I hope you no longer feel strange here--I look forward to your posts and hope you feel more comfortable):heart:
I think you should carry what you like, but Dooney does have some very nice leather. I have a mini tassle bag in the Alto line in red. It's beautiful and there is only a little silver disc with the dooney name on it. You could easily take it off if you wanted to.
I think the Alto line is available at the D&B stores or online.
LV has the epi line that is very discreet too.
I definitely would not consider D&B to be a "show-off" brand and hope that you stick with your fabulous bag. However, if it is something that is really bothering you, D&B does make some classic leather bags that are more discreet than the signature print. Check out the D&B website- they just put out their new catalog and have lots of beautiful bags in gorgeous new colors. Good luck!
Another option is Cole Haan. They have some gorgeous leather bags that look discrete. Plus, people that will snub you over a bag don't seem like the friends worth having.