Feel like vomiting... accused of selling a fake

  1. Sorry... after all my time selling, this is the first time I have been accused of selling a fake. Of course, it is completely baseless. This is my auction:

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    I just got an e-mail from the buyer today saying she thinks it isn't authentic and she wants to return it. Of course, I don't want to get negged for this. It's a stupid, $70 used purse. I usually sell much higher end items (usually Fendis) and have NEVER had a problem. This bag was from my personal collection, and I bought it from Dillard's, so I am completely sure it is authentic.

    What I told her so far is that if she wants to return it I will take the return, minus shipping and my eBay fees. Since I am confident that the bag is NOT fake, then I don't see why I should be out my shipping costs and eBay fees on this transaction. My policy is no returns except for authenticity reasons. I am thinking she is just saying she doesn't think it's authentic because she has changed her mind, and sees this as her only out. I mean, do people really counterfeit Cole Haan anyway?? I told her if she wants her shipping and the eBay fees back, she would have to provide some sortof documentation that it is a fake.

    Did I do the right thing? This seems like such a stupid thing to get negged over, and I have a feeling that is what is coming.

  2. Sounds like you did ok to me. Just refund her and offer it to the next highest bidder.
  3. thanks .. I am just anxious over this. it has been a bad week. expensive vet bills for my cat .. first ever car accident .. baseless lawsuit due to car accident.

    I thought it had to get better! We'll see what she says. At least it is only a $70 Cole Haan and not a $1200 Fendi.
  4. Sorry to hear you week isn't going well. You're right, it's not worth getting a neg over, just refund her money and be done with it.
  5. This is kinda laughable on her part. I don't think they even replicate Cole Haan, seriously. lol. That is strange. She's just got a case of buyer's remorse.
    Maybe she isn't normally a pricey bag buyer? Sometimes their expectactions for leather quality, etc. is EXTREMELY high when they first start buying bags in the escalating price ranges? They think they can get Fendi Spy quality for 70 bucks when they first start out! Not sure what her feedback story tells. That has been my experience. I wish you luck!
  6. If she remains pissy, offer to send her an envelope with prepaid postage to return the bag. Or you can just forget it and refund the whole thing - but if you do that, you may never see that bag again. I think eBay advises sellers to get the things in their possession first and then do refund and some buyers get really bent out of shape about having to do more than just drop things in the mailbox.

    I am speaking solely to the point of avoiding a Neg. Be sure and let her know you'd like to work it out.
  7. Yeah, she only has 6 FB, pretty new to eBay, which is why I'm thinking she might be kamikaze-like. I did offer her already to refund minus the shipping charges and eBay fees, which I think is fair in a case of buyer's remorse. It is just so insulting to be accused of selling a freaking fake cole haan that is absolutely authentic. I don't even know where I would go to get authentication tips on Cole Haan -- I did not even know if they were faked at all!
  8. Sorry to hear your week has been rough. Hang in there! Everything's going to work out in the end!

    I've been accused of selling a fake before too, but I am 100% that it was real since I bought it myself from a Fendi boutique. How can that be fake??!

    I agree with what you're saying, they see the bag, don't want it, and want a reason to return it. Just refund the money but make sure it's the same one and that they haven't used it or anything! You don't want to have the hassle of going back and forth with authenticity issues... it's just not worth your time!
  9. Thanks for your support, everyone. I will update you all when I get a reply. I suppose I have been lucky so far in that this is a used bag of mine, so I'm not exactly out any money (haven't even used this bag in a year), and it's a relatively small sum of $$. Still, it is just so insulting to be accused of selling a fake, when you know darn well it isn't!
  10. I totally know what you mean, when someone tries to accuse you of that. It's so disgusting. Good luck with this, I know exactly how horrible it feels when someone tries this. *hugs*
  11. Wow. Fake Cole Haan bags? I don't think they do. I hope it goes well for you- good luck!
  12. Cole Haan Counterfeits? I don't think so.
  13. I am sorry this happened. I was accused of selling fake JC charms. I didn't even know they try to fake such low priced items. The buyer wouldn't leave me alone. I finally told her I would meet her at the boutique to prove the authenticity. She never responded. I think it is buyer's remorse. :push:
  14. Sorry, it is a sick feeling. I always send them here if we are accused of anything regarding authenticity. But when someone has buyer's remorse and they claim the item isn't authentic so you'll take it back, they know the answer they are going to receive by the experts so they won't come here.

    Then you can be assured they are just plain bad people. We started keeping a database of these people, not just our blocked bidder list. We keep Ebay ID's, Names, City, States, phone numbers and the reason they are on the list. You would be very surprised to find out how many try to bid on something again in a month or two, or from one of our other companies or people we share the list with and forget what they said in the first place.

    Cole Haan... I sold over 500 of them over 5 years so try and get her in here.
  15. This is so horrid and becoming increasingly common on this subforum it seems. I would simply want to take the path of least resistance with this awkward buyer - an offer to refund so long as the bag is returned via a tracked method. Maddening and unfair, but quick and simple as a means to lose someone who is causing you such angst. Chin up - things will improve for you soon.